"Oakland Skyline. Across beautiful Lake Merritt, in downtown area." Postmarked November 4, 1961.

"Downtown Oakland, Calif. looking north on Broadway and Telegraph." Card No. C5958.

"Jack London Square, Oakland, Calif. on the Estuary (ship channel). Famous Sea Food Restaurants area at foot of Broadway, Oakland, Calif. Named in Memory of the well-known writer of adventure books." Card No. C9488.

"Lake Merritt. Only tidal lake located in the heart of an American city. It is surrounded by 122 acres of beautifully landscaped park in the center of Metropolitan Oakland. Small pleasure boats dot its surface and around its shores are such famous attractions as the Duck Sanctuary and Children's Fairyland." Card No. 5:0-02.

"City Hall, Oakland, California. The City Hall of Oakland looks down on beautifully landscaped Memorial Plaza." Postmarked January 4, 1963.

"Super Highway in Oakland, Calif. Civic Auditorium on left, Court House in center." Post Card No. C5956.

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