Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. "Long before the first white men visited the Grand Canyon, the Indians were enjoying the inspiring spectacle of its great distances, its majestic moods and its ever-changing colors." Card No. H-419; 1A2936, North From Near Hopi Point. Postmarked June 24, 1936.

"The Watchtower at Desert View, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. On the South Rim is this spectacular Indian watchtower, built in the style of Pueblo Indian buildings. From it a panoramic view of the canyon and the Painted Desert is possible." Post Card No. K265.

"GC-10 -- Looking North From the Watch Tower at Desert View. Don't miss seeing the Canyon from the Watch Tower, from which one can look for miles up the turbulent Colorado River with an ecellent view of the North Rim and the Painted Desert." One cent Post Card, Postmarked October 2, 1951.

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