"Downtown Bisbee, Arizona. Looking up Main Street toward Castle Rock. The streets in Bisbee are so steep that there are no mailmen -- and no first class post office." Card No. P37468.

"Lavender Pit & Copper Mill, Bisbee-Lowell, Arizona. Operated by Phelps-Dodge Corporation, this Copper Pit and Mill are where once stood many homes and business buildings. Highway 80 had to be re-routed to make room for this operation." Card No. P20975.

Phelps Dodge Corporation's Lavender Open-Pit Copper Mine -- This mining operation is unique in that the pit is being dug where in 1953 lay U. S. Hwy. 80 lined with business houses and flanked by homes of the two cities Bisbee and Lowell. The job of moving all these buildings to new sites south and west of town and relocating the highway along what is now the east rim of the pit occupied two years. -- L-220" Card No. C6650.

"Phelps Dodge Smelter, Bisbee-Douglas, Arizona. This aerial view shows the smelter with it's slag pile in the foreground." Card No. C27377, purchased October 24, 1972.

"Mule Pass Tunnel, Bisbee, Arizona. This is the longest tunnel in the state. Completed in 1958." Card No. P41068, purchased October 24, 1972.

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