BENSON, ARIZONA. "Benson was founded in 1880 ats a railroad town for Tombstone and was the American end of the old Sonora Railroad to Guaymas, ited for centuries. The area has always been the home of the Apaches. Benson was a wild town and as late as 1902 had its "Blood and Thunder Days". Cowboys, miners, Mexicans, and Chinamen filled the streets, Saloons, cribs, rustlers, hustlers and gamblers were plentiful. In 1860 the Butterfield stages crossed the San Pedro at this site. Today Benson is a winter home of a great number of people from the east. The gamblers, rustlers, etc. have gone, cars fill the street where horses once were tied to a rail." Post Card No. S-75721, purchased October 24, 1972.

"Hank's Coffee Shop, Benson, Arizona. Homemade Pies -- Choice Meats, Coffee Consistantly Good. Mr. & Mrs. Hank Fenn." Card No. 117910, purchased October 24, 1972.

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