"Air Born B-58 Buick Century -- Model 66C". Card No. P21661. Postmarked November 21, 1957.

1962 Rambler Ambassador V-8 Custom 4-Door Sedan. New beauty outside--with a new world of lavish luxury inside! This is the action-packed compact on a new, shorter 108-inch wheelbase that lets you turn on a dime. 250 H.P. V-8 power (270 H.P. optional). Seats six 6 footers. "400" model also available." Postmarked August 31, 1962.

"Impala Custom Coupe by Chevrolet. "Be Smart - Be Sure - Buy Chevrolet!. Postmarked Oct. 18, 1967.

1961 Corvair by Chevrolet, "700" 4-door Sedan. A Complete Line of Complete Thrift Cars!". Postmarked Feb. 10, 1961.

"1969 Buick Skylark Custom Sport Coupe, Sleek, tough, agile . . . popular choice of the young-at-heart. Wouldn't you really rather have a Buick?" Card No. 7.

"1997 Volvo 850", postmarked January 31, 1997.

"1913 Mercer Raceabout" "It's Time for Service!" Mailed by Charles Maund Oldsmobile-Cadillac, 1214 W. Sixth St. - Phone GR 6-6504, Austin, Texas 78703. Postmarked August 23, 1965.

"859 -- Bonneville Salt Flats -- World's Fastest Speedway -- Near Great Salt Lake, Utah. A Giant Racer Making a World's Record. The Bonneville Salt Flats is a salt deposit left by the receding of ancient Lake Bonneville. This deposit covers about 159 square miles extending some nine miles along U.S. Highways 40 and 50 and the Western Pacific Railroad. The salt is white, crystalline aggregate, porous, hard and rigid so that it supports loaded trucks. In 1912 this area was tested as a race track and has since proved to be the greatest automobile speedway in the world. In 1934 Al Jenkins of Salt Lake City broke all former world speed records. Here on September 15, 1938, John Cobb established a record of 350.07 miles per hour. The next day Captain G. E. T. Eyston set a world's record of 357.50 miles per hour. Aug. 26, 1939, John Cobb again became the world's automobile speed king by driving his car 369.74 miles per hour." One cent Post Card No. 8A-H2738, postmarked August 5, 1941.

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