An old postcard distributed by the Austin Chamber of Commerce.

The back side of the old postcard from the Austin Chamber of Commerce with facts about the Texas Capitol.

Ca. 1960 postcard of Robert Mueller Airport, Austin, Texas.

A ca. 1950s black & white postcard of the main building on The University of Texas at Austin campus.

Austin's Municipal Auditorium and Convention Center, ca. 1960, when it was located on the bank of the Colorado River, Austin, Texas. Palmer Auditorium (1959-2002) is in the process of being remodeled and will open in 2008 as the Long Center of Performing Arts.

A view of the State Capitol and downtown Austin, Austin, Texas.

The Texas State Office Building located just east of the State Capitol Austin, Texas.

Ca. 1950s, postcard showing IH-35 south of Austin. "Modern Expressway leading into Austin, Texas from the South. Austin is a city of beautiful lakes, hills, trees, parks, museums and the University of Texas. Winter or summer, Austin is a city where you can spend a complete vacation with plenty to see and do.

Ca. 1950s view of Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas. "Congress Avenue, looking toward the Texas State Capitol from the heart of downtown Austin, Texas."

Ca. 1950s view from the Capitol looking south at downtown Austin, Texas. "Looking South on Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas. In this spectacular view from the State Capitol may be seen the heart of downtown Austin. In the background are St. Edward's University, and to the left one of the modern freeways leading into Austin."

Ca. 1950s view of Memorial Stadium, The University of Texas at Austin.

Ca. 1950s view of Waggoner Hall, The University of Texas at Austin.

Texas Supreme Court Building, Austin, Texas.

Ca. 1950s Department of Public Safety, Austin, Texas.

Elizabet Ney Museum, Austin, Texas. "Elizabeth [sic] Ney Museum, 44th St. and Avenue H, Austin, Tex. This is the former studio and Austin home of the internationally known sculptor, Elizabeth [sic] Ney. The museum building is the first to be erected in Texas primarily for the purpose of art."

1933 postcard. "Governor's Mansion, Austin, Texas. In this stately old mansion are found the true lines of the Southern colonial home. Its dignified white columns and broad verandas portray in living fashion antebellum days when Texas was in the making."

No. C10601, Ca. 1950s. "Texas Employment Commission Building, Austin, Texas. One of the most beautiful state buildings in our country."

Ca. 1950s. "View of four bridges spanning Colorado River, in Austin, Texas." This photograph was taken before Longhorn Dam was built creating Town Lake."

No. R-183_D-12 45617 "Texas Memorial Museum, located on the campus of the University of Texas, Austin, Texas, contains unparalleled collections of Texas historical and archaeological material. The Mustang Group statue in the foreground, marking the entrance, was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ogden to the Museum in 1948."

Card no. DB-200. "The Deep Eddy Swimming Pool, one of the finest, Austin, Tex."

According to the Friends of Deep Eddy website, "Deep Eddy Pool is a historic, man-made swimming pool in Austin, Texas, United States. Deep Eddy is the oldest swimming pool in Texas and has a bathhouse built during the Depression-era, by the Works Progress Administration. The pool began as a swimming hole in the Colorado River, became a resort in the 1920s, and is today a popular swimming pool operated by the City of Austin." Visit the Friends Of Deep Eddy site: Deep Eddy Pool to read more about this unique pool.

Ca. 1940s, card no. OB-H533. "Aerial View of the University of Texas, Austin, Texas".

Ca. 1940s. "University of Texas Campus From the Air:"

"Misplaced Bravery! Scared of the dentist, but loves highway racing." DB-843 "The skyline of Austin, the Capital City of Texas, as seen from Barton Springs, one of Austin's most popular recreation centers."

[Strangely, the caption of this card is "Misplaced Bravery! Scared of the dentist, but loves highway racing"]

Austin, Texas, card no. P23690 "The Governor's Mansion" "In this stately old mansion are found the true lines of the Southern colonial home. Its dignified white columns and broad verandas portray in living fashion antebellum days when Texas was in the making."

Card no. OB-H532, ca. 1940s. "Tom Miller Dam and Lake Austin, Austin, Texas, ca. 1940s. "Tom Miller Dam on the Colorado River, three miles west of downtown Austin, showing a part of beautiful Lake Austin, and Mt. Bonnell and Scenic Drive in the background. The beautiful natural scenery, many summer homes, boat clubs, parks, and camp sites make Lake Austin one of the most popular recreation centers of Texas."

Austin, Texas, card no. 16217, 1940s. "University Tower, University of Texas, Austin Texas A-3"

Austin, Texas card no. 15,082F. "El Matamoros, Home of "Crispy Tacos" "One of the best Mexican Food Restaurants in central Texas serving Mexican dishes and those famous "Crispy Tacos", steaks and fried chicken. One of the best equipped stainless steel kitchens. Established in 1947 by Monroe M. Lopez. 504 East Ave. - Austin, Tex. - Ph. 7-0253"

"El Mat's" has been closed for many years. When they closed, their fixtures and dishes were purchased by Nuevo Leon Mexican restaurant that remains in business today.

Card no. 18, 536F"St. Martin's Ev. Lutheran Church, Congress Ave. at 14th St., Austin 1, Texas" "For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish, foolishness; but unto us which are saved, it is the power of God. From 1st Corinthians, Chapter e1, 18th verse."

St. Martin's on Congress at 14th was torn down in September, 1959 to make room for State Office Buildings. The alter was saved and moved to the church's new location at Rio Grande and 15 Sts.

1963 postcard showing the alter from the old church after being moved to the new St. Martin's Ev. Lutheran Church at Rio Grande and 15th Sts., Austin 1, Texas.

"Beautiful hand-carved alter with the theme "I am the vine, ye are the branches." Includes symbols of twelve disciples, four Gospel writers,and the statues of great Bible characters -- topped with the crucifixion scene and the Cross and the Crown."

"Texas State Capitol is an impressive building second in its size to the United States Capitol in Washington, D. C."

The postcard's age is not know but the photograph was taken in 1959 or earlier because St. Martin's Lutheran Church is still standing and visible at Congress at 14th behind the capitol.

Card no. 4A-H678, ca. 1940s. "Scenic Drive, showing Lake Austin and Mt. Bonnell, Austin, Texas." Created by the Austin Dam, Lake Austin winds nearly 23 miles through the hills and mountains west of Austin. Many breath-taking views such as this may be seen from the scenic loop drive. In the distance is Mt. Bonnell, highest in the range of hills, standing guard like a sentinel over the Colorado--a favorite destination for hikers."

According to the Handbook of Texas Online, In 1893 the sixty-foot-high Austin Dam was completed, impounding Lake McDonald behind it. Lake McDonald silted up, and, on April 7, 1900, the dam collapsed. The old Austin Dam, partially rebuilt under Mayor Wooldridge but never finished due to damage from flooding in 1915, was finally completed in 1940 and renamed Tom Miller Dam.

Card no. 4A-861. "Texas Union Building, University of Texas, Austin, Texas. The University Student Union completed and occupied in 1933, is the culmination of a dream of T. W. Gregory, ardent Texas Ex-student and Regent. It is a meeting place for students -- "a living room" for the University family. Contains also the "Commons" or cafeteria where hundreds of students and faculty eat daily."

In the 1990s the Commons Cafeteria inside the Student Union Bldg. was replaced with a variety of fast-food vendors.

Card no. OB-H530. "Main Entrance to University of Texas, Austin, Texas. Popular student entrance to the campus of the University of Texas from Guadalupe Street, or the "Drag", showing the Union Building, center of campus social activity, and the Administration Building, or Tower in the background."

"St. David's Episcopal Church, the Oldest Church in Austin, Texas A-9" Card no. 16223, distributed by the Hausler-Kilian Cigar & Candy Co., Austin, Tex.

"ES-14 Congress Avenue and the State Capitol, Austin, Texas. The Capitol Building was completed in 1888 of Texas red granite from adjacent Burnet County at a cost of 3,000,000 acres of Texas land."

Card no. 42925-B "University of Texas, Orange lights illuminate the tower of the main building at the University of Texas at night, traditionally anouncing a Texas victory in sports."

Card no. 31190. "University Avenue and University of Texas Tower, Austin, Texas--40. University Avenue leads to the University of Texas, the largest University in the South. The University Tower, a notable landmark, is shown in the center of the picture."

Card no. 15043 "Texas State Capitol at Austin--31. The Capitol is shaped like a Greek cross, with a rotunda and dome at the intersection of the main corridors. Cornerstone laid 1883, and building dedicated 1888. Exterior walls are of Texas red granite. Wainscoting is made of oak, pine, cherry, cedar, walnut, ash and mahogany, aggregate length of which is about 7 miles. It is the sedond largest capitol in the U.S., and is 7 ft. taller than the dome of the national Capitol."

Card no. P32488, "University of Texas Tower and Campus, Austin, Texas. Among the points of interest at the University of Texas, the South's largest university, is "The Tower", which is the 27 story administration building for the school. It is topped by a 40,000 pond carillon, and also houses the million volume Mirabeau B. Lamar Library."

"Skyline view of Austin, Texas looking North along expressway. In Foreground is overpass at Riverside Drive. At right may be seen Colorado River flowing past Expressway Bridge."

Card no. C12064, "Town Lake Fishermen's Paradise, Austin, Texas. One of six Colorado River Lakes, Located in Heart of Austin, Texas."

Card no. D8-243, 4945, "Lake Austin near Austin, Texas, as seen from Mt. Bonnell just a short drive from the city."

Postcard copyright 1963, postmarked 1970. Card no. 72025-B, "Observation Deck. Excellent view of lake, dam and surrounding hills are afforded atop Observation Restaurant at south end of dam. Buchanan is world's largest multiple arch dam, located in Central Texas."

Card no. 31982, "University Tower at Night, Austin, Texas -- 44. The University Tower is a notable landmark especially when illuminated at night. The new University Library, built at a cost of over a million dollars, is among the most modern in the nation."

Card no. P617"State Capitol Building, Austin, Texas"

Card no. S-32370, "Saint Paul Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, Austin, Texas. 3501 Red River, Austin, Texas."

Card no. 4237422 -- Texas State Capitol, Austin, Texas "State Capitol. This great granite building costs three million acres of Texas land. 70 miles of railroad were built to haul this granite. This dome is seven feet taller than that of the National Capitol at Washington. The building is covered with copperplates. Stephen F. Austin, father of the Texas Republic Austin, one of the "Empresarios" or colony chiefs under the Mexican regime, was probably more responsible than any other single man for the success of the movement for Texas Independence. He is known as the "Father of Texas".

Ca. 1940s. "State Capitol, Austin, Texas TX2"

"Student Union Building of Texas University Austin, Texas. Card no. P23691"

The University of Texas at Austin Student Union Building.

Card no. 69137, "The Gondolier Motor Hotel, Interstate 35 South and Riverside Drive, Austin, Texas TWX 512-476-7293. Located on the shore of Town Lake in downtown Austin, yet within easy driving distance of the Texas State Capitol. State Office buildings, Austin,s fabulous new Auditorium and Convention Center and the University of Texas Campus. Boat Rides! Fishing! Swimming Pool! 125 Rooms with T.V. Music and Radio."

"State Office Building, Austin, Texas"

The John B. Reagan State Office Building, 15th & Congress.

"State Insurance Building, Austin, Texas. Here the Industrial Accident and State Insurance Boards occupy the entire building."

"United States Post Office Building, Main Office, Austin, Texas"

This building is located at 8th and Jacinto in downtown Austin. It is no longer the post office.

"Westgate Building, Austin, Texas."

Austin's first "skyscraper" and the first building to be built in Austin that partially blocked the view of the State Capitol."

Ca. 1960s, "Tracor, Austin, Texas."

The start of Austin's High Tech businesses. Became Austin's first Fortune 500 Company.

Card no. 18810. Buchanan Dam, Austin, Texas -- 42. "Buchanan Dam on the "bottle-neck" gorge of the Colorado River, largest of a series of dams above Austin, designed to regulare the Colorado River for flood control, makes possible the reclamation of thousands of acres of land menaced by recurring floods.Flood waters, which cause serious destruction of life and property, will be impounded and harnessed waters used for the production of electricity in the power plants which are part of the project, financed with $15,000,000 of P.W.A. funds."

Card no. 32311N Lake Austin Scenic Drive Near Mt. Bonnell, Austin, Texas - 45. "This drive follows Lake Austin on the Colorado River for many miles, over hills and through valleys, displaying picturesque mountain and lake scenery."

Card no. 4A-H679, Colorado River Bridge and Skyline, Austin, Texas. "Bridge and Skyline -- This long and graceful concrete bridge, over the Colorado River brings the visitor into the city from the south. Nestled in a valley, the city at night is a breath-taking sight, with thousands of colored lights twinkling, and the majestic Capitol as a diamon in the setting."

Card no. T4, State Capitol at Night, Austin, Texas. At night, the State Capitol dome is brilliantly illuminated, and is the first thing noticed by visitors approaching the city from any direction. Austin lies in a valley, and the Capitol at night appears as the center facet of an immense diamond surrounded by the many tower lights which are a unique Austin institution."

Card no. A-47816, Scene at Deep-Eddy, Austin, Texas. Postcard postmarked November 1924.

Card no. P-156, "From Austin, Texas -- The Largest Capitol in the Largest State"

Oversized postcard that measures nearly 5.5" x 8.5" is postmarked February 3, 1970. "University of Texas Tower ... Austin, Texas. With the figure ONE displayed in lighted windows the University again proclimed it's National Collegiate Football Championship after winning the Cotton Bowl Classic on New Year's Day. Published by Steck-Warlick Company, Austin, Texas.

Austin, Texas. View looking towards the Capitol Building. Card No. 2US TX 1126 purchased November, 2000. Designed & Printed in the U.S.A.

"Austin, Texas. The capital city of Texas and seat of Travis County, whose name honors Stephen F. Austin, the 'Father of Texas,' is the northeastern gateway into the Texas Hill Country. State agencies and institutions of higher education are predominant in the city's skyline." Smith-Southwestern, Inc. Card No. 3109, printed in Singapore

Austin, Texas The Hike and Bike Trail along Town Lake in Austin, Texas. Austin is noted for its public parks and lakes." Card No. 2US TX 932, printed in Ireland.

Austin, TExas. Card No. 2US TX 1128. Designed & Printed in the U.S.A, Published for and Distributed by Anderson News Company, Austin, Texas.

Barton Springs, Austin, Texas. This popular swimming area is located in Zilker Park in southwest Austin. Card No. 2US TX 1120. Purchased November, 2000.

Barton Springs, Austin, Texas. Card No. 2US TX 920, purchased November, 2000.

The Dam View. Cool, Casual Dining on Lake Austin. 06/01

"Austin, Texas. A salute to the U.S.A. -- July 4th in Austin, Texas." Card No. 2US TX 924. Purchased November, 2000.

The Pennybacker Bridge over Lake Austin on Loop 360, Austin, Texas. Card No. 2US TX 1108. Purchased November, 2000.

"This beautiful night view of the State Capitol in the City of Austin, Texas is pictured from the Interregional Highway entering the City." Card No. 84684-B.


"Barton Springs located in beautiful Zilker Park in Austin, Texas is the most widely known swimming pool in Texas. The beautiful new bath house constructed and operated by the city of Austin adds much to the beauty of the park and pool." Card No. SK4097.


"STEPHEN F. AUSTIN HIGH SCHOOL, 1202 Rio Grande, Austin, Texas, displays the signs of spring 1967. The building, celebrating its 50th Anniversary, was completed in September, 1916." Postmarked 1975.

"Laguna Gloria Art Gallery, 3809 West 35th St., Austin, Texas is the former home of Clara Driskill and a present day meca for the art enthusiast. Located on spacious and beautiful grounds over-looking the Colorado River, Laguna Gloria has several art exhibitions annually." Card No. DB285-8450.

"Espiscopal Church of the Good Sheperd, Windsor Road and Exposition Boulevard, Austin, Texas." Card No. 95524.

"Austin!" Card No. 51449355.

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