"Passengers on many Continental routes can now enjoy flying aboard a state-of-the-art Airbus A300. Designed and built by Airbus Industrie, a consortium of Europe's leading aircraft manufacturers, this remarkable widebody is known for its comfort, advanced technology, and supreme fuel efficiency. The A300 also boasts an incredible 98.6% on-time dispatch record, meaning even greater convenience for Continental customers.".

The Airbus A300 is a short to medium range widebody aircraft. Launched in 1972, it was the first twin-engined widebody in the world, and the first aircraft created by the Airbus consortium of European aerospace companies, which is now fully owned by EADS. The A300 (along with the A310) ceased production in July 2007. Freighter sales are to be fulfilled by a new A330-200F derivative. Manufacturer EADS (Airbus S.A.S.); Maiden flight 1972-10-28; Introduction 1974-05-30 with Air France; Primary users United Parcel Service (52); FedEx (49); American Airlines (34); Japan Airlines (22); Produced 1974-2007; Number built 561 Variants A300-600ST Beluga; Airbus A310. [Wikipedia online]

"Delta Air Lines. The Boeing 767, a sleek twin-jet aircraft especially suited for medium-range flights, is the newest member of Delta's proud fleet. The fuel-eficient and technologically advanced 767 plane cruises at an altitude of 39,000 feet and has an estimated cruising speed of 530 miles per hour. Convenient double-aisle configuration allows comfortable seating for 210 passengers." Postmarked 1984. Card No. 0442-02630, printed in U.S.A.

"The Wide-Ride (tm) Boeing 727, Delta's major medium-size jet has a range of over 1500 statute miles. With comfortable seating for 148 people, the 727 has a cruising speed of about 530 miles per hour and carries a crew of three pilots and four flight attendants. Delta Air Lines" Card No. 0442-02742, printed in U.S.A.

"Mainliner Convairs--newest addition to United's fleet--carry forty-four passengers at almost 300 miles an hour. The twin-engine planes are pressurized for your comfort aloft." Card No. CA 548.

American Airlines, America's Leading Airline. "The DC-7 Flagship, the fastest piston-powered airliner in the world inaugurated the first nonstop service from coast to coast in both directions." Card No. T151-7.

"American Airlines, First with Jets across the U.S.A. The Jet powered Electra Flagship with its speed of 400 miles per hour brings smooth, quiet, almost vibration-free comfort to Air Travelers."

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