"Wild Thing" from Maurice Sendak's book, "Where the Wild Things Are".
This small plush "Wild Thing" stepped outside the book, for a day, to try his hand (or feet) at ballet.
The plush toy was purchased separately from the book and the ballet picture block puzzle.

1991 "Puppy Surprise" from Hasbro. Surprise! Surprise! And Surprise! There are three tiny puppies inside the pink Mommy dog. Open the velcro to store the puppies inside the Mommy dog.

"Blake D. Wordsworth", cat #1364 by Boyd's. This gray and white cat was produced between 1990 and 1999. He is 6 inches tall.

"Stuart Little 2", a talking 6 inch plush toy mouse produced under license by Fun-4-All Corp. Trademark 2002 by Columbia Pictures.

"Miss Piggy" one of Jim Henson's "Muppets" manufactured by Nanco. Miss Piggy is dressed in her blue velveteen dress with an orange faux fur collar. She is 10 inches tall and all plush.

Talking Light-up Zak and Wheezie. Playskool, 1999 Hasbro, Asst. Dragon Tales TM. 1999 Children's Television Workshop. About 14 inches tall.

Precious Moments "Tender Tails" white and lavender owl. 1998 Special Limited Edition, copyright by PMI, licensed by Enesco Corporation. This plush owl has a bean filled body and a soft stuffed head. He has the classic Precious Moments eyes and a pink heart on the bottom of his left foot.

A plush Fred Flintstone who is 8 inches tall. He is wearing his original clothes.

Another Maurice Sendak's Wildthing from "Where the Wildthings Are". This Wildthing is made by Kellytoy, copyright 2005, and is approximately 11 inches tall with yellow fur, reddish yarn hair, and a brown beard.

A plush Puffkins named "Happy" made by Swibco, copyright 1994. Happy's birthday is June 10, 1998.

The Monchhichi(TM) Monkey was copyrighted in 1974 by Sekiguchi Co., Ltd. This little Monchhichi was made by Mattel sometime in the early 1980s. This little fellow lost his hair and now looks like a little bald baby. He has blue eyes and brown fur and is holding a pacifier.

"Berrysue" by Fisher-Price in her original clothes. A little white lamb with green eyes and pale green dress with a matching hair ribbon. Berrysue is 8 inches tall and has jointed legs. She is marked Berrysue Fisher-Price on the bottom of her left foot. Copyright Fisher-Price 1998, numbers 75025, 75026, 75027, 75028.

Disney's Beanie Raincoat Tigger. Is it a frog or is it Tigger? Tigger is trying to fool his Aunt Arlyn by dressing like a frog. Tigger knows his Aunt collects frogs and he thought he could sneak into her house and not be noticed. Tigger has always wanted to play in the rain with all the frogs but when he found the Exxon Tiger Tanker to ride he quickly changed his mind and stayed home to play.

A plush "chick", 2004 by Avon, ready for Easter with her bunny basket (not an original accessory).

"Marvelous Monkey" a 4.5 inch Build-a-Bear animal.

Pokemon small Poke ball by Hasbro. Unzip the ball and turn inside-out and there is the Pokemon.

What fun! Imagine a little Kraft Kool Aid man playing around inside every picnic basket. This little guy will serve as a reminder to "enjoy more Kool Aid". He's a plush little man who is approximately 4 inches tall. He is tagged Kraft Foods, 2000. Produced by Interpretive Marketing products, a division of Gibco.

A fuzzy red cartoon bird who is holding his black pipe. Red bird is approximately 4.5 inches tall and has a very large beak. He does not have a tag to identify who he is, but regardless, he appears to be having fun with his Platte Valley Straight Corn Whiskey and his pipe. The left side of his beak will accommodate his pipe for "smoking". His age is not known but since newer toys seldom include items for using tobacco it would seem that this is an older bird.

Indiana Jones Disney 9 inch Plush "Adventurer Mickey". Dressed in his original clothes and carrying a rope, Mickey Mouse is ready for adventure.

A plush Snoopy that is approximately 12 inches tall and appears to be rather old, but is not dated. He is A Samwel Product, body made in Taiwan, Samet & Wells, Inc., Bronx, N.Y., Samet & Wells, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mego Corporation.

Prince Toad by Gund playing in the wild flowers in Lockhart, Texas.

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