An assortment of toys from the 1940s, which includes Cracker Jack toys and games.

A small personal size photo album just right for school pictures. "Ponytail" preceded Barbie in the 1950s.

In 1956, a "signed photograph" of Elvis Presley was an important piece of paper.

Happy Tappy a game from the early 1950s.

Brownie soap from the early-mid 1950s.

Bike license plate from 1968.

An assortment of small toys mostly from the 1950s and 1960s.

Betsy Ross child's toy metal sewing machine from the early 1950s. It really works when the crank is turned by hand, no electricity needed.

A 1955 Ukelele by Harmony.

A few items that span about two decades are shown in this photograph. In the 40s before going outside to play it was customary to wear a kerchief so the wind wouldn't cause an earache. In the 50s playing cowboys with caps in a cap pistol was a fun game and also taking an autograph book to school for friends and teachers to sign with their autograph and possibly a verse was commonplace. The little plaid suitcase is from the 1950s and was used for dolls and doll clothes.

A very small set of dominoes from Mexico. This set in a red plastic box was purchased in 1938 on a vacation trip to Horsetail Falls.

A colorful picture probably from the 1940s of a boy and his dog.

1952 Scrap Book.

A set of Lyn's wooden blocks from the 1930s. This small set of blocks was "Made in Japan". The entire box of blocks measures 5" x 6.5" x .5" and includes enough blocks to build the building fronts shown on the box. The set includes two windows that have cellophane for glass. There are 28 blocks in this complete vintage set that is approximately 68 years old.

From Kay & Lyn's private collection a very old child's ironing board.

From Kay's private collection a vintage 1950s wooden Yo-Yo. Marked "Champion Style 55 Return Top".

From Kay's private collection a vintage 1963 baby rattle. A pink and white toy with bells for hands and feet.

On another note, remember "splatter paint" from the late 1950s? Notice the background and the black paint with white splatters that was popular and "the latest"new paint idea for the times.

1942 Scrap Book with embossed cover.

A crystal pocket radio from about the late 1950s. A red plastic Remco "Peewee" Pocket Radio.

Puzzles made from nails from about the mid-late 1950s.

Juvenile stationary from about 1953.

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