Collectible Tin Tote, copyright Paramount Pictures 1999, by Vandor 2000 commemorating the television series, "Happy Days". This series of Collector Tins was meant to commemorate some of the most classic moments of TV. The tote comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and sold for $14.50 when new.

Betty Spaghetti on rollerblades with her boombox.

Small farm building filled with animals and three figures; Hut with moving barn door, 1 farmer, 1 farmer's wife, 1 milk maiden, 4 cows, 6 pigs, 3 bunnies, 11 fence pieces, 3 geese and 3 chickens. This little "Hut" comes in a box that has pictures colored to resemble a vintage toy. There is no date on the toy or on the box but it apparently, according to an Internet article, was produced in 2003. The story goes that a woman living in Seattle, Washington had the idea of the toy hoping to sell enough of them to purchase a home. She figured that if she could sell 10,000 toy huts she would then have enough money to make the down payment on a home. From reading the article it appears as though she did manage to buy a house and is still selling the huts and also accepting donations for her "Tiny Plastic Hut Home Repair Fund". The Huts sell on the website for $6.99 including shipping. Also, available are Tiny Plastic T-shirts. The story site for the Hut is sponsored by a t-shirt company which also sells the Hut, for a price of $2.99. If you search ebay there are also "Huts" being sold as vintage toys for starting bids of $9.99. It is questionable how much of the Hut story is true, but it does make one wonder how many Huts have been sold and how this particular one ended up in Texas.

Puppy on Wheels, a tin toy by Blic. This toy is made and colored to look like the vintage tin toys. It is advertised by Blic as a collector's toy and not as a children's toy. He is approximately 6" long and 3" wide. When his tail is pushed down he goes forward.

A new style View-Master by Fisher-Price a subsidiary of Mattel, 2002.

Little Tikes elephant, an older version, from Noah's Ark playset.

Toys from the 1970s and 1980s. The center toy is from Tupperware and can double as cookie cutters. Pull apart the two halves and empty the different shapes (cookie cutters) to be fit into the correct holes. The trumpet and merry-go-round are from the 1980s.

Finger puppets by Manhattan Toys, 2000. This is three of the four in the set of Red Riding Hood finger puppets. The Grandmother is missing.

"Piggies" finger puppets manufactured by Merry Makers, 1998. Piggies from Piggies by Audrey and Don Wood. Copyright Don Wood, distributed by Red Wagon Books.

Silly Slammers, #36 Roxanne. When "slammed" to the ground Roxanne says, "Get Over it", "Get a Life", or "Get Real".

Remember Gumby? How about Pokey? This is an original Pokey by Jesco. He's the bendable orange Pokey that became popular with Gumby in the 1960s and 1970s.

Kellogg's Tony the Tiger soccer ball manufactured by Sasco, Inc.

Crayola State Crayon Collection, copyright 2004 Binney & Smith. The box touts: "Introducing the first-ever Crayola(r) State Crayons! Named by crayon fans from Alaska to Wyoming and every state in between. Each color proudly stands for the one of the 50 states. Joining the 50 state colors in this limited-edition 'State Your Color' Crayola 64 Box are 12 all-American hues, a 'Cherry Blossom' crayon for Washington, D.C., and a color for Puerto Rico." Colors such as The color for Texas, "Alamo a la mode" was chosen in dual recognition of the state's historical landmark and Blue Bell ice cream from Blue Bell Creameries, Brenham, Texas, "Maple Syrup", Sacra-mint-o", "Lady Liberty", Grape Hatteras", "Corn-husker Yellow", Space Needle", "Tater Tan", "Big Sky", "Amber Waves of Grain", Wisconsin's color "Moovalous Cheese"honors that state's cheesemaking tradition. Puerto Rico Coqui Green was one of the extras included in the box of 64 crayons.

Another interesting blurb from Easton, Pa. on Saturday October 11, 2003 reported: "You won't find magic mint or blizzard blue in that Crayola crayon box anymore. Mulberry and teal blue are gone, too. Taking their places are jazzberry jam, mango tango, inchworm and wild blue yonder. The new colors are being added to replace the four that were retired as part of a competion to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the crayon company. Crayola officials had selected five colors to be removed from their collection that they considered redundant or unattractive, but allowed on to be spared through an online vote. Burnt sienna, one of the five, earned the most votes of the 60,000 cast, avoiding retirement. 'We've only retired crayon colors twice in our 100-year history,' said Stacy Gabriella, a Crayola spokeswoman, 'It's a heart-wrenching process because we grew up with many of these sentimental favorites, too.'"

Plastic bunny baby rattle. This pale yellow plastic baby rattler looks like a vintage toy but there are no markings to verify its age. It is approximately 3.5" tall.

NASCAR sticker - Jack Sprague - #24 - Hendrick Motorsports

"Fairy Tail Bird", 1987 by Hasbro.

Mr. M & M by Mars Candy Co.

Two small soft plush puppies "Bagle, 2003" from the "Character World" of Sungmi Toys, South Korea. They each wear a cape, one pink and one red. Logos (TM) of Sungmi Toys.

An "official" Tony the Tiger baseball.

A 5-piece limited edition playset of cast iron cookware. To mark the 100th Anniversary of Wagner's 1891 cast iron cookware this miniature set was marketed in 1991.

A small repica of a Hopalong Cassidy lunch box. It is a 2000 Christmas Tree ornament by Hallmark.

Mighty Beanz, Farm Beanz Team #77, Dog Bean. "Farmer Beanz best friend Dog Bean is trustworthy, loyal and hardworking. This worker dog loves to herd other animals chase other animals around the farm and loves to chase his own tail." With Dog Bean is a series 3 Beanz #141 Monster.

Nintendo "Froggy 2".

Nintendo "Mario Kart".

A large pink jack and a plastic key.

Two wooden whistles, one is a slide-whistle and the other a train whistle.

Two tin boxes for lunch or treasures.

A set of Jax, still new in the package, on the floor and ready, set, play.

When Eeyore said, "It's not much of a tail" maybe he was referring to this sad and happy tale. Eeyore and Winnie the Pooh are sooooo sad that the Frisco Shop was razed to make room for another Walgreens. But they are happy that it is going to re-open up the street. Frisco had been at that same location for over 50 years and opening in a new(er) building in a different location can't help but change the flavor of the food.

Arthur on a skateboard.

Mattel's gray cat foraging the river's bank for food.

Metal toy doll plates, toy doll dishes reproduced from the original (tm) "Heirloom" pattern of Stoneware by Pfaltzgraff.

Klutz Building Cards Construction System. Castles by Doug Stillinger includes 150 building cards and one three inch figure.

A Space Station complete with aliens.

Rollarounds, 1994.

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