These Talkin' Tots from Play by Play Toys are dated 1996. The blonde, on the right, is wearing her original clothes. Miss Redhead is wearing new homemade reproductions made by Kay.

"My Best Friend" by Play by Play Toys, 1999. When playing the number game she calls out addition problems like "2 + 2" and then waits for an answer and states whether the answer is right or wrong. When playing the word game she spells simple words like "dog" and "cat" and waits for the correct answer. This is an interactive doll who ask questions and not only waits for an answer but recognizes whether the answer is right or wrong. "Do you want to play a number game?", "Do you want to play a color game?", "Do you want to play a word game?". If someone agrees to play a game, the doll knows the correct answer. When asked to play, if the answer is "no" then she agrees and suggest that she will be ready to play later. She also will tell her playmate not to talk when she is talking, she says, "Wait until I finish talking before you answer." She is truely a companion like "My Best Friend". She is approximately 17 inches tall, non-removable clothes and long blonde rooted hair. Her face is painted and exhibits a big smile showing her pretty white teeth.

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