PEZ Star Wars series. Shown are five of the nine piece set.

Giant Musical Charlie Brown PEZ.

Giant Musical "Big Bird" PEZ.

An assortment of 16 different PEZ.

"Magic Candy Dispenser" PEZ.

"The Simpsons" PEZ.

2005 Valentine "Best Friends" PEZ.

An assortment of PEZ characters from Starwars.

A giant size musical Miss Piggy PEZ, copyright Jim Henson, stamped 2003.

Boxed set of Elvis Presley Pez.

Little chick sitting in an eggshell PEZ.

The University of Texas at Austin football PEZ.

It's a F-A-K-E, it's not a PEZ. This little Easter Egg toy wishes it could have been a PEZ or a super-Sonic jet pilot. Unfortunately, it will never be either. Fortunately, he's having fun playing on the PEZ page with a cup from Sonic.

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