A beauty who is only 9" tall and created by a fairly new doll manufacturer, Only Hearts Club (O.H.C.). This is the 2004 Taylor Angelique and she is wearing her original clothes but is missing her shoes. She is one of the "club dolls" from O.H.C. She has a vinyl head and hands and a poseable soft stockinet body. She has a pretty face with inset fixed brown eyes and long blonde hair. Taylor Angelique "has a caring nature and quick wit that makes her the life of a party." Taylor Angelique's friends are: Karina Grace, "sensitive and thoughtful, is moved by music and has big dreams." Anna Sophia, "is a culniary wizard, creative and always very curious." Olivia Hope, "is most comfortable in the shiny leather saddle atop her golden brown horse, Misty." Brianna Joy, "an instigator, team player and all-around athlete lives for sports." Lily Rose, "who is friendly, outgoing and thrill seeking. She is at home when she is outdoors, surrounded by the elements." Only Hearts Club dolls wear clothes that are "highly detailed designs that reflect today’s fashion trends".

Taylor Angelique (tm) and (c) 2005 OHC Group LLC. Only Hearts Club "Real Cool Girls Just Like You." "My heart melts for cute critters--kittens, puppies, birds, rabbits, even goldfish. I love them all. Come help me give some love and care to all these adorable pets!" "The Only Hearts Girls (tm) formed the Only Hearts Club (r) in a bond of true friendship. They are a fun-loving bunch of friends who are always there for one another. They laugh, share secrets and have the greatest adventures together." This is a soft poseable series of doll that received the "Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Best Toy Award".

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