Plastic toy horses.

Plastic toy horse.

Barbie is riding the pretty brown and white horse.

The toy brown horse with white legs is pretty with its aqua saddle and bridle.

My Pony, here is an assortment of different colors and sizes of ponies. Other toy horses are included in the herd.

My Pony, an assortment of different ponies.

My Pony along with a few other toy horses.

A cute little pony who likes to run wild with the string of "My Ponies".

My Pony, with a rainbow colored mane. The pony is standing beside the castle in the Pop-up book "Spooky Castle, A bone-rattling adventure" by Nick Denchfield. Macmillan Children's Books, 2003.

My Little Pony, by Hasbro 2002. A pink pony with a butterfly and a kite on his hip and a multi colored mane and tail of purples and pink.

My Little Pony, a pair of white and pink ponies. Hasbro, manufactured for McDonald's 2005.

(A) My Little Pony, seven 2002 ponies by Hasbro.

(B) My Little Pony, 2002 pony by Hasbro.

(C) My Little Pony, 2002 ponies by Hasbro.

(D) My Little Pony, four ponies by Hasbro.

An orange and purple Pony by Lanard, 1994.

Horses by Fisher-Price from the farm set.

Fisher-Price, 1997, "Little People" Horse walking beside Highway 290 in Paige, Texas.

A white plastic horse that is approximately 4 inches tall with a brown soft plastic saddle. He loves to play in the alleys, and no one seems to mind.

Two unmarked brown velvet horses.

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