No name, brand or date is printed on this little 11" doll. "Made in Hong Kong" is the only description. She is wearing a new homemade dress made by Kay.

Vintage girl in her original clothes, made in Hong Kong.

A small 8 inch doll was made in Hong Kong and appears to be wearing her original clothes.

Made in Hong Kong and marked 1975 and 8120. The manufacturer's name is illegible on the back of her head. Her soft vinyl body is all one piece so she doesn't have movable arms and legs.

A cheaply made plastic girl doll made in Hong Kong. She has no date or brand name or other markings on her head body. She is wearing her original clothes and bonnet, has open/shut eyes, and is a drink and wet doll.

A cheaply made 6 inch plastic girl doll marked only "Hong Kong". She has no date or brand name or other identifying markings on her head or body. She is not wearing her original clothes but instead has chosen a cute hand-made outfit that her Aunt Jo Hannah made for her, she has painted facial features. Her hair is rooted and it is still styled in its original "bubble-cut".

Measuring 8 inches tall this blue eyed doll has no markings indicating her age or her brand. She has painted on facial features and rooted hair. Her body is plastic but her head is a softer vinyl. Her dress is made and tagged "Kamar, made in Taiwan" and is not her original clothes.

Made in Hong Kong this 7 inch doll is typical of vintage dimestore dolls. Her clothes are sewn on and are nonremovable. The plastic she is made of is fairly thin. She has rooted hair which she wears in a "bubble-cut" and is wearing her original shoes. Her age is not known since she is only marked "Hong Kong" with no other identifying marks. Her dress is made from fabric that was sold in the 1970s.

This doll who isn't marked with a brand was made in Hong Kong and was just another of the many Barbie clones. It appears as though she is probably wearing her original swimsuit. The black skirt is not tagged and can't be identified as any particular brand of clothing. Beginning in the 1960s there were many look-alike Barbie clones, all trying to compete with the original and very popular Mattel Barbie. The best known was the Ideal Toys' Tammy who was a nice doll but not as "grown-up" looking as Barbie. Ideal Toys also had Misty, Glamour Misty, Pose N' Misty, Miss Clairol and Samantha (of the Bewitched TV show). Sears had a teenage fashion doll and Uneeda had Suzette. There was also Polly by Valentine and Polly Play Posy, Peggy Ann by Doll Clothes, Inc., and Debbie Drake. American Character made Tressy, Plasty was a doll by Petra, Miss Teenager U.S.A. was made by Evergreen, Genevieve, Miss Terry Teen, and Ideal Toys also had Mitzi. Most were dolls that resembled the very popular Barbie and in most cases were much less expensive.

A little vintage "rag-boy", made in Hong-Kong. He has no other identifying marks and is approximately 12 inches tall. His yellow yarn hair topped with a white cap and wearing white overalls with a rainbow printed on the bib. He isn't in perfect condition but he is sure a cutie!!

A 7 inch vintage storybook type doll made in Hong-Kong. Her clothes are crocheted by hand and she only has one of her white high-heel shoes. She has a painted face and rooted brunette hair. Her arms are jointed at the shoulders and move but her legs are fixed.

A 4 inch all vinyl doll marked on the bottom of her foot, "Hong Kong". She has a painted face and rooted black hair. Her arms are jointed at the shoulders and move but her legs are fixed. She is wearing a hula skirt that is not removable.

A vintage 7 inch all vinyl doll marked "Hong Kong no. 7013", there is also an aladdin's lamp emblem and "symbol of quality" stamped on her back. She has open/close eyes and honey colored hair. Her arms and legs are jointed and she is wearing her original European ethnic clothing that closes in the back with metal snaps. Her shoes are missing, also one of her yellow hair ribbons and possibly a hat is missing.

Made in Hong Kong is the only identifing marks on this doll, her age or her manufacturer is not known. She is approximately 13 inches tall has black rooted hair and long black eyelashes on her glass-type blue eyes that do not open or close. She is an all plastic doll. It is unknown whether her yellow knit outfit is original or not.

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