A very old boudior doll. Her age and history is unknown but she is quite unique.

(A) A large story book type doll. Her clothes have faded and her wig shows some wear. She was purchased in the early 1950s..

(B) A close-up to show the pretty face of the early 50s large storybook type doll.

1963 Kellogg's Sub-teen Queen, Valerie. The pretty dress with a red velvet bodice and a taffeta skirt that she is wearing is her original dress. She also came with two other outfits. Valerie was purchased for $2.00 and two box tops from Kellogg's Raisin Brand in 1963. Visit: The Imaginary World to see a copy of the 1963 cereal box.

No name, brand or date is printed on this small size doll. She is wearing her original red polka-dot dress and it looks like someone's Grandma made baby's diaper from a hankerchief.

A promotional doll from 20th Century Fox's movie Anastasia. This is a late 1990s doll imported by Alcone Marketing Group, Irvine, CA. She's 8" tall and made of shiny, hard, vinyl. Her hair is rooted copper-red saran with a grow-hair mechanism out of the top of her head. Her legs are straight and her shoes are molded-on and painted. She also has white painted-on panties. She has joints only at her neck, shoulders and hips. She is not wearing her original clothes. I can't help but wonder how she ended up in Alpine, Texas.

All dressed up and ready to go.

Girls, it's your bedtime.

It's springtime, and I'm ready.

This tiny little gal sure has a head full of curls.

(A) Unusual and unmarked with a cloth body that feels like it is stuffed with sand, this little doll is about 6" tall. There is no date that indicates the age of this doll with twisted yarn hair and primitive looking clothes.

1999 Scottie Pippen 13" figure by NBA Properties. He came with a miniature basketball.

A tiny 4 inch porcelain doll without any markings.

"One Little Indian" dressed in lavender. The dark brown google eyes with their look of innocence will remind you of the stories in old children's books.

Made in China is the only identification on this doll.

Made in China is the only identification on this 15" doll. Her clothes appear to be homemade and tagged with a personal tag "Lola Rose".

These two dolls are twins, one a blonde and one a brunette. They are 11.5 inches tall and have no identifying marks. The brunette is wearing her original clothes.

6" tall, no brand, and no date on this small all vinyl babydoll. The clothes are not the doll's original ones.

No markings at all are found on this 12" vinyl doll. She appears to be a well made and nice doll who is wearing her original dress and undergarments. The dress is made of a nylon type fabric with an attached petticoat. The make, name or date of this doll are unknown. The coloring and quality of the vinyl is appealing.

1963 Kellogg's Sub-teen Queen, Valerie. Valerie was available with two box tops and $2.00 from the Kellogg's Raisin Bran box in 1963. She came wearing a red and white dress and with two additional outfits. This outfit appears to be one of the additional outfits that was originally sold with the doll. This white cotton dress or nightgown snaps in the back with large size metal snaps. Visit: The Imaginary World to see a copy of the 1963 cereal box.

(A) Unmarked porcelain doll who doesn't have any markings to identify her. She doesn't have much detail but with her pretty aqua blue eyes and curly hair looks nice dressed in her blue and white check dress.

(B) Here is a close-up of the same porcelain doll. Even though she is unmarked and has no known identity she is appealing with her neat wholesome look.

(A) "Made in Mexico" is the only markings on this large 30" doll. Even though she is an inexpensive doll she is fun to dress-up in kid-size clothes and accessories that shape her personality with each change. She especially enjoys wearing her "Strawberry Shortcake" sunglasses made by TCFC and has fun playing with her "Powerpuff Girl" made by Trendmasters. Her floppy hat from her Aunt in Temple, Texas was the latest addition to her wardrobe. The hat protects her face from the sun while she is outside playing with her yo-yo.

(B) Here is a close-up of the same 30" doll who was made in Mexico. She is wearing a child's dress rather than her doll clothes.

(A) Definitely a "play doll" but like so many others, very cute when dressed up. This child-size gal has no markings on her head or body and even though she is an inexpensive doll she is fun to play with and dress.

(B) Here is a close-up of the same 30" doll with out identifying marks. She is wearing a child's dress rather than her doll clothes.

The manufacturer of this pair of dolls is not know. They are stamped 1994 and what looks to be either an "AOL" or "HOL". These 7 inch porcelain dolls have cloth bodies and matching boy-girl clothes. Their faces are unique with dark painted on eyes, a subtle pug nose and no mouth showing. They both have a thick dark brown wig and although there is not much detail they are a cute pair. Their boots are painted on and cannot be removed and their clothes are not made to be easily removed. At first glance they vaguely resemble the Precious Moments' face but upon closer examination they really don't. It looks like their faces are complete and the mouth is not suppose to be visible.

A mass produced drink and wet baby doll who is not marked with a brand name. She is 11" tall and has short dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her clothes are not original. She is marked BP015A China TS12 on the back of her head.

There is no brand name on these two small dolls that can be used for identifying who they are. The boy is 7 inches tall and the girl is 5 inches tall. The boy dressed in hot pink pajamas is made from vinyl and feels like a fairly good doll. He is marked 812-7 on the back of his head. The girl is thin plastic and has mold marks on the tips of her fingers and toes. She is a very cheaply made and mass produced doll.

"Swiss Miss", representing Swiss Miss Chocolate Mix. Vinyl head with open/close eyes and yellow yard hair. She has a cloth body with vinyl hands and shoes that are made as part of her body. Her blue jumper and white blouse are removable and her apron is marked "Swiss Miss". She is 13 inches tall. She is not marked with a manufacturer or with a date.

A porcelain 7.5 inch unmarked doll. She has a partial hangtag that is marked "X101". She is wearing her original clothes which is a blue and white cotton dress with matching bows in her hair.

A cute face with pretty blonde curls, this 15 inch porcelain doll is dressed in cotton knit pajamas. She is not marked and her tag is missing so her identity is a mystery. She is relatively new since her clothes have Velcro instead of snaps or buttons. Her face is cute and different but she is probably a rather inexpensive doll since her hands and feet don't include much detail.

"Dance With Me Doll" from the 1950s. Still dressed in her original pink taffeta dress this child size doll came with elastic on the bottom of her feet that slipped over a child's feet making it a perfect dancing partner. She has a plastic face with painted features and a cloth body.

An unmarked but pretty 23 inch walker. She has no markings at all but is probably from the 1960s or 1970s. Her dress is not original but is a well made and probably a home-made dress. Her face has nice coloring, open/close eyes and a pretty mouth and soft blonde hair fixed in both curls and braids. She has a hollow plastic body like so many of the inexpensive dolls from these years.

An unmarked but cute 7 inch doll with red hair and blue eyes. She appears to be wearing her original clothes but since she has no markings her age and manufacturer are unknown. Her only identifying mark is "T/65" on the back of her head.

An unmarked 6 inch ragdoll with a printed face and nonremovable clothes. She is not marked and not especially well made but some of the "big girl" dolls enjoy playing with her.

"Broccoli Babe", possibly a spin-off from the Cabbage Patch Kids. Her body tag is missing and she is not otherwise marked except for the bottom of her shoe which says, "Broccoli Babe". She is very similar looking to the popular 1980s Cabbage Patch Kids but actually is very different. Only her body is soft, her legs and arms look like fabric because of the texture but are actually vinyl. She has a vinyl head and yarn hair. Her hair is long and in pony tails with a short looped fringe that entends completely around her head, both front and back. Her face is painted but it is not the typical "CPK" look. Some sources suggest that she is a Spanish made Cabbage Patch and possible licensed by Coleco but this is not verified.

Two little 7 inch ballerinas who appear to be Strawberry Shortcake. Her tags have been removed and even though she has a strawberry on her costume and her face is similar to other Strawberry Shortcake dolls her identity is not known. Her yarn hair is more brown than red and her costume is pretty and made from fabric with a sparkle.

A plush baby that strongly resembles the Kenner Hugga Bunch dolls. This baby is crawling and has the same furry plush body that the Hugga Bunch Giggles and Tickles, etc. have. The only difference seems to be the baby's sewn on cotton floral print diaper instead of the shiny clothing that most of the Kenner dolls are wearing and instead of the colorful green and blue eyes this baby doll has almost black eyes and no eyelashes. The maker, date, and name of this doll is not known. She has a tuff of yellow/gold hair and is approximately 12 inches long.

1:12 porcelain dollhouse girl wearing a sailor blouse, pantaloons, and Mary Jane shoes. This small 4 inch girl has long blond braided hair tied with red ribbons. She is not marked with a brand or date.

Made in China is the only identifying marks on this 6 inch doll. Her clothes are sewn on and are not removable. Her dress appears to be homemade. Her faux pearl necklace is sewn onto her dress. At first glance it looks like the doll is wearing black shoes that were painted on. Even though the shoes were painted on, they weren't painted on by the manufacturer. Upon closer examination the outline of the dolls toes can be seen through the black paint and were probably painted on by the same person who made her dress. It is a rather cute little doll with chubby legs and side-glancing eyes.

An American Indian doll dressed in her native leather clothes. She is seven inches tall. She is not marked with a brand or date.

(A) Her name is June and she came boxed with a smaller doll named Julie. She is dressed in her original dress and is a wind-up musical doll, she moves as she plays music when she is wound up. She is not marked with a brand name and from what I've read her box wasn't either.

(B) Unfortunately, she had some broken parts. Here is June separated into pieces for repairs.

(C) June's head, after being repaired, waiting for the broken part to dry.

(D) Here is June wearing a Pleasant Co. dress.

A fat baby doll that is not marked with a brand or date. He looks similar to the Berenguer babies but the quality does not appear to be as good. His facial paint doesn't have the detail that the Berenguer dolls usually have. His age is not know but he is wearing vintage clothes that probably date from the 1950s but possibly from the 1960s.

Gilligan and the Skipper from Gilligan's Island.

This little black girl is around 30 inches tall. She is not wearing her original clothes but is happy with what she is wearing. She is carrying her camera and hopes to snap some good shots as she travels through Texas.

An all vinyl baby doll who is not marked with a brand or date, the only markings stamped on the back of her head is "TC 8". She is approximately 9 inches tall and has nice coloring and detail. The doll looks like a Berenguer doll and smells like the "Lots of Love" Berenguer dolls with the "baby scent". She is not wearing her original clothes. She is wearing a vintage t-shirt and panties w/ lace. This baby has fixed glass eyes, molded hair, and a pouty mouth.

A tiny mermaid with molded on clothes and bright red hair is approximately 4.5 inches tall. She is marked "1991 China MT".

A very cute girl doll that is made from hard plastic. She has molded black hair and a sweet face with big brown eyes. She is similar to a dollhouse doll but seems a little larger than most dollhouse people, measuring approximately 6 inches tall. She is not wearing her original dress.

Made from porcelain this little ballerina is approximately 6 inches tall. She is dressed in her original non-removable clothes.

A clown with a porcelain head and a stuffed cloth body. Not marked with a brand or date this clown measures approximately 9 inches tall, including his hat. His body feels like it is stuffed with sand and his limbs are soft and stuffed with a soft stuffing.

A small doll who is only 4.5 inches tall. She has a soft creamy complexion and black hair.

A small souvenir doll representing the country of Belgium. She is approximately 6 inches tall and wearing non-removable clothes. She has bright blue open/close eyes and black hair. Her clothes represent the native costume of Belgium. There are no markings on the doll with a date or manufacturer.

A small 6 inch babydoll who is not marked with a manufacturer or date. The doll is all plastic and wearing its original undies. She has molded hair, a painted face, and jointed arms and legs.

A 7 inch cloth doll who is made and dressed with great detail. She is missing her tag so has no identifying marks regarding her name, manufacturer or age. She is made completely from fabric and her face is embroidered. She has brown hair with a long braid in the back also made of fabric. She is wearing a necklace and belt that have been embroidered onto her dress and body. Her clothes are non-removable and have more detail sewed into them than would normally be expected on a small textile doll. The sleeves of her dress have insets to give the top part more fullness and her skirt is gored and made from fabric in two different colors while the neckline and cuffs have been stitched to give more detail and make her dress look even more elegant. Not showing in the picture is her gold colored tiara, she must be a Queen with her dignified looks of royalty.

100% bisque doll with fabric clothes who is approximately 11 inches tall. The entire doll is made from bisque, including her hair. Her face, hair and shoes are all painted and her clothes are made from a light blue dotted swiss fabric. Her identity and age are not known.

An all fabric clown wearing a clown suit made of black, gold and gray satin fabric and a black fabric top hat. His suit has a white satin collar and a black bow-tie with gold polka dots. The clown is approximately 18 inches tall and has a painted face on pressed and molded cloth and hair made from thread. The only identification on the doll are paper tags stuck to the bottom of the black fabric shoes which say "Made in China". The body is made from cloth and the face has a red nose, a red heart on the cheek and blue eyeshadow with gold dots. There is stuffing in the legs of the suit to make them stand out full.

Wearing her original outfit and carrying her tote bag this little 7 inch girl has long blonde braids and blue eyes. She has on non-removable pink shoes that match her pink outfit. She is not marked with a brand or date.

This Mexican doll is all cloth. She has button eyes, a felt mouth, stitched eyebrows and nose and hair made from black yarn. She has on a gold colored taffeta skirt trimmed in lace and a white blouse trimmed in lace. Her underclothes are all heavy white cotton and her shoes are made from a thin vinyl and are not removable. She is approximately 9 inches tall. Her age is not known and she has no identifying marks or tags that show where she was made.

An 11 inch doll who has a cloth body, porcelain head, hands, and feet. She has a long brunette wig and her original green plaid clothes that are trimmed in green velvet with a matching green velvet hat. She is wearing a little brooch on the lace trim at her neck. She does not have her shoes but is still wearing her dark colored stockings. She has a nice face but some of her lip coloring is missing. She is not dated or marked with a brand or manufacturer.

This little guy is an all vinyl anatomically correct little boy. He is not marked with a brand, manufacturer or date. He is not wearing his original clothes.

An all vinyl blonde haired girl who is 4 inches tall. She is not wearing her original clothes.

Soft body with a vinyl head and hands, this little 8 inch girl has rooted blonde hair and inset fixed light colored lavender/blue eyes. None of her clothes are removable. The back of her head is stamped GS321 but there are no other identifying marks.

An all vinyl blonde haired fashion doll who is approximately 10.5 inches tall. She was more than likely sold as a "Barbie clone" but is made from a much lighter weight vinyl. She is wearing a generic dress that probably was purchased separately or on another inexpensive doll. She turns at the waist and her arms are jointed at the shoulders and her legs are jointed at the hips. She and has a painted face with big blue eyes and long dark eyelashes and a smile that shows her white teeth. She has no markings at all on her head or body.

An unmarked doll who is approximately 19 inches tall. She has a vinyl head, arms and legs and a stuffed body. She has blonde rooted hair and green open/close eyes. She is wearing a cotton print dress that was home made by someone. She does not have her original clothes. Her hair was not easy to style and took much longer to comb and fix than most of the name-brand dolls' hair.

This pair of little Mexican dolls are very unusual. They are approximately 3 inches tall and have a soft rubber body. Their hands are clasped together. The girl's skirt is blue with bright colors of ribbon sewn onto it and trimmed with lace. There is a tag on the skirt that says "Jalisco". The clothes are nonremovable except for the shoes which can be removed. They have rooted hair and the girl's is braided and decorated with tiny ribbon roses and a bow. The boy is dressed primarily in white with a straw-like hat and his black rooted hair is short and curly. They have very unique painted faces with little round red noses and a big smile. Neither of the dolls have any other markings except for the "Jalisco" tag on the girl's skirt.

A plastic doll with open/close eyes who is approximately 7 inches tall. She is wearing her original clothes that are not removable. On the bottom edge of her skirt is stapled a piece of white ribbon and on the ribbon in ballpoint pen is written, "Hand Sewn in Bermuda by Cheryl".

A small plastic doll who is approximately 3.5 inches tall. She is wearing her original clothes. She is best described as a "Kelly" doll clone since she is about the same size but not nearly as good of quality as Mattel's Kelly.

Here's an ol' troll with a black beard that reaches to the bottom of his feet. He has big orange eyes and black hair. He measures 7 inches tall without his hair and closer to 9 inches if his hair is counted as part of his height. He's smiling but wearing no clothes.

An unidentifed 6.5 inch cloth doll with black cord hair and a painted face. At one time there was a tag sewn into the seam down the middle of her back but it was removed so her name, age, and brand are not known. Her mouth is in the shape of a heart and she has dark blue eyes. She has posable/bendable arms and legs. Her clothes are not original but fit nicely.

A drink and wet doll with open/close eyes. This little black girl is not wearing her original clothes. She is not marked with a brand or manufacturer. She is approximately 15 inches tall.

An anatomically correct little girl doll. She is 6 inches tall and all vinyl. She is not marked with a brand or date.

Look who is searching for Happy Meal Toys at KFC. It's the 1984 Ronald McDonald. He's 11.5 inches tall and all cloth. He knows that McDonald's is the home of Happy Meals and Happy Meal toys but he couldn't resist checking out the KFC bucket just to be sure.

An all plastic 8 inch doll made in Taiwan. She has a painted face with blue eyes and long eyelashes, long blonde hair. It appears that her non-removable clothes were handmade from a nylon type fabric. Someone painted her nails and lips with fingernail polish.

No markings were found on this doll, therefore no brand, manufacturer or age is known. She is wearing a vintage skirt that did not come with her. She is approximately 8 inches tall, has red yarn hair, a face with a CPK-look, blue eyes and freckles.

No markings were found on this kewpie doll, therefore no brand, manufacturer or age is known. She is not wearing her original clothes and is approximately 8 inches tall.

A cute all vinyl 8 inch drink and wet baby doll. He has glass-type eyes and molded hair. He is not wearing his original clothes. His head is stamped "TC7P copyright 1996 (company named purposely smeared out) BP023 China". His back is embossed with "Made in China". He is a cute small doll without an identity.

A plush Dick Tracy who is approximately 18 inches tall. He is wearing his yellow hat and coat and his red tie with navy stripes. His tag has been removed and no manufacturer or brand name is known. He is an all plush doll who appears to be very inexpensive.

An all vinyl doll that is wearing what appears to be her original faux leather 3-piece suit of clothes. She has a cute face and a curly pony tail that are all molded into her vinyl head. She has no shoulder or hip joints so her arms and legs are not moveable, but her head will rotate on her neck. She is approximately 9 inches tall, has slim detailed fingers and dimples in her knees. A cute doll with side glancing blue eyes and red lips. There is an "A" on her lower back and the bottom of her left foot is stamped "A 33".

An all plush doll who has lime-green yarn hair, button eyes and vinyl non-removable clothing. Her lime-green dress has pink hearts appliqued on the front, pink pockets and a pink collar. She has matching tri-colored vinyl shoes, also non-removable. She is approximately 12 inches tall and is tagged "Handcrafted in China".

A little blonde 4 inch doll without any identifying marks. She is similar to a Mattel Kelly doll but the quality is less. She has a slight resemblance to Marilyn Monroe with her hairstyle and smile.

A blonde Kelly type doll that is approximately 4 inches tall. She is wearing a pretty lavender dress with timmed in ribbon and lace. She is not marked with a brand or date.

A small 4 inch doll with dark brown hair. She is wearing what appears to be her original black and white dress. There are no markings on her body to identify her.

A vintage cloth Mexican doll. He has lost his hat and sandals. He is approximately 10 inches tall.

Some of these dolls are (c) Disney and some are marked Toy Century.

Some of these dolls are (c) Disney and some are marked Toy Century.

Some of these dolls are (c) Disney and some are marked Toy Century.

An unmarked 23 inch walker.

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