A tiny 4 inch porcelain doll without any markings.

(A) Unmarked porcelain doll who doesn't have any markings to identify her. She doesn't have much detail but with her pretty aqua blue eyes and curly hair looks nice dressed in her blue and white check dress.

(B) Here is a close-up of the same porcelain doll. Even though she is unmarked and has no known identity she is appealing with her neat wholesome look.

The manufacturer of this pair of dolls is not know. They are stamped 1994 and what looks to be either an "AOL" or "HOL", possibly House of Lloyd. These 7 inch porcelain dolls have cloth bodies and matching boy-girl clothes. Their faces are unique with dark painted on eyes, a subtle pug nose and no mouth showing. They both have a thick dark brown wig and although there is not much detail they are a cute pair. Their boots are painted on and cannot be removed and their clothes are not made to be easily removed. At first glance they vaguely resemble the Precious Moments' face but upon closer examination they really don't. It looks like their faces are complete and the mouth is not suppose to be visible.

(A) Unusual and unmarked with a cloth body that feels like it is stuffed with sand and a bisque head, this little doll is about 6" tall. There is no date that indicates the age of this doll with twisted yarn hair and primitive looking clothes.

A porcelain 7.5 inch unmarked doll. She has a partial hangtag that is marked "X101". She is wearing her original clothes which is a blue and white cotton dress with matching bows in her hair.

A cute face with pretty blonde curls, this 15 inch porcelain doll is dressed in cotton knit pajamas. She is not marked and her tag is missing so her identity is a mystery. She is relatively new since her clothes have Velcro instead of snaps or buttons. Her face is cute and different but she is probably a rather inexpensive doll since her hands and feet don't include much detail.

1:12 porcelain dollhouse girl wearing a sailor blouse, pantaloons, and Mary Jane shoes. This small 4 inch girl has long blond braided hair tied with red ribbons. She is not marked with a brand or date.

Made from porcelain this little ballerina is approximately 6 inches tall. She is dressed in her original non-removable clothes.

A clown with a porcelain head and a stuffed cloth body. Not marked with a brand or date this clown measures approximately 9 inches tall, including his hat. His body feels like it is stuffed with sand and his limbs are soft and stuffed with a soft stuffing.

100% bisque doll with fabric clothes who is approximately 11 inches tall. The entire doll is made from bisque, including her hair. Her face, hair and shoes are all painted and her clothes are made from a light blue dotted swiss fabric. Her identity and age are not known.

An 11 inch doll who has a cloth body, porcelain head, hands, and feet. She has a long brunette wig and her original green plaid clothes that are trimmed in green velvet with a matching green velvet hat. She is wearing a little brooch on the lace trim at her neck. She does not have her shoes but is still wearing her dark colored stockings. She has a nice face but some of her lip coloring is missing. She is not dated or marked with a brand or manufacturer.

"Here Comes the Bride" and she is approximately 15 inches tall and dressed in her wedding gown and veil. Her dress is satin and lace trimmed with faux pearls. She is not marked with a manufacturer or date. She is a porcelain doll with a stuffed body, inset bright blue eyes, and a blonde curly wig.

A clown with a bisque head, arms and legs and a stuffed body who has been through a lot but seems to have kept her smile. She is missing her right leg and her left pinky finger. Although she is not marked with a brand or a date she is cute with her pink hair and brightly painted face. Her clothes which are make out of a floral print synthetic fabric are nicely made but are not removable. Her blue boot is part of her leg and also bisque. The cloth body is unique because it is made out of fabric scraps of different patterns and colors, i.e., some are red and white stripes while another is a pale floral, and another a geometric pattern and another a solid navy blue. Since the clothes are non-removable it is not obvious how the different fabrics were sewn together to make up the body. The stuffing feels like cotton on the upper part of the body and sand on the bottom. The toy did not accompany the doll when new but is one of her favorites.

This little gal has auburn hair and a painted face and is approximately 7 inches tall. She has black shoes that are painted onto her feet and a green cotton dress trimmed in lace. Her belt has a metal bow at her waist. Her body is all bisque and is strung allowing her head, arms, and legs to move. There are no identifying marks on the doll, no brand, manufacturer, or date. Her petticoat is made from a paper-like material and her panties are nylon or that type of fabric.

A mime doll that looks to be from the 1980s. There are no identifying marks that date her or indicate a brand name. She has a porcelain head, arms and legs with a stuffed cloth body. She is approximately 13 inches tall and is wearing what appears to be her original dress and black fingernail polish. The blush on her face is in the shape of hearts.

She appears to be a kit doll with a cotton dress. Her head, arms and legs are bisque with a painted face and painted blonde hair. She has no markings that show her age or brand but the dress fabric looks to be from the 1970s.

A doll that appears to be a kit doll with a cotton dress. Her head, arms and legs are bisque with a painted face and painted brunette hair. She has no markings that show her age or brand but the dress fabric looks to be from the 1970s.

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