A cowgirl by MGA Entertainment.

Micro Games of American (MGA) doll, marked 1996.

Micro Games of American (MGA) doll, "My Dream Baby", copyright 2000. This is an interactive doll that came with a control box and accessories and worked with batteries. She is wearing her original clothes except for her house slippers (that have little bird faces on top) that belong to someone else. "My Dream Baby" is 18 inches tall and a heavy doll for her size, her legs have hip, knee, and ankle joints.

Micro Games of American (MGA) doll, marked 1999. "Hopscotch Heather" came new with an interactive hopscotch pad. She also sings the hopscotch song. She is wearing her original clothes but is missing her knit pants and original hopscotch pad.

Bratz Boyz 2003 "Cade" by Micro Games of American (MGA) Entertainment. Cade was an exclusive character who was only available with the Bratz Motorcycle in 2003. He is wearing his original clothes except for the jacket which he no longer needs because he sold his motorcycle after his mother-in-law said it was dangerous for him to ride in the heavy traffic.

Micro Games of American (MGA) doll, marked 1998. Her name is not known but she is wearing her original clothes.

Micro Games of American (MGA) doll, marked 2003. With batteries, this little black angel says her prayers. She is wearing her original white clothes that match her wings. She has a sweet angelical face and measures approximately 8 inches tall.

Micro Games of American (MGA) interactive doll marked 2001. She is approximately 16 inches tall and wearing her original clothes. Her painted face with big blue eyes and a smile make her look happy. Her pink star barrette is borrowed from a friend and is not her. With batteries (3 AAA, 1 9V) she is sensory powered and interactive.

Micro Games of American (MGA) "My Beautiful Ballerina" doll, marked 2002. She is wearing her original pink ballerina outfit and her ballet beam (not pictured) but is missing her tiara and shoes. She is approximately 14 inches tall and is a slim doll with blonde hair. When the ballet beam is pressed it plays ballet music. When she was new she also came with a mirror, interactive ballet mat, "How To" Ballet book, and hairbrush.

Bratz (MGA) Bratz Babyz Cloe, in original box with her original clothes. "The Baby Girls with a Passion for Fashion."

Bratz (MGA) Babyz Mermaidz, Carribbean Cloe, in original box in original clothes. She squirts water and her hair and tail change color in water.

Bratz (MGA) doll, Be-Bratz with Real working computer mouse and pad, original in box. "Be-Bratz in the Bratz World."

Bratz Boyz (MGA) doll, Cameron Wintertime Collection, original in box.

Bratz (MGA) Fitness Yasmin Play Sportz doll, original in box.

Bratz (MGA) Kidz Glam , original in box with snap-on clothes.

Bratz (MGA) Little Angelz Petshop, original in box. Surprise Pet Inside, "Precious Little Bundles of Joy"

Bratz (MGA) Little Angelz Yasmin, original in box with 6 new collectible characters. " Lil Angelz Lil' Party".

Bratz (MGA) Playsportz Katia, Scuba Diving, original in box. "Cool Accessories"

Bratz (MGA) Play Sportz Cheerleader Cloe, original in box.

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