1966 Midge with bendable legs. Her body is marked 1958. She is wearing Barbie's 1966 evening gown "Holiday Dance". The evening gown is one of Barbie's from the first six years of Barbie. Barbie first appeared on the store shelves on March 9, 1959.

1964-1966 Midge wearing Barbie's 1965-1966 evening gown #1639 "Holiday Dance". The evening gown is one of Barbie's from the first six years of Barbie. This white and gold striped gown with gold spaghetti straps came with an orange chiffon sash with two gold beads accent, long white tricot gloves, gold dimpled clutch purse, and white closed toe pumps.

c1969 Twist 'n Turn Julia shown in clothes that are not hers. Her hair is oxidized red and in its original style. Mattel's Julia is the character from the 1968 TV series which aired from September 17, 1968 - May 25, 1971. Diahann Carroll played Julia Baker. Singer Diahann Carroll became the first black female to star in her own comedy series. Other cast members of this NBC comedy which played for 86 episodes included: Lloyd Nolan, Marc Copage, Michael Link, Betty Beaird, Hank Brandt, Lurene Tuttle, Allison MIlls, Ned Glass, Virginia Capers, Don Marshall, Chuck Wood,Paul Winfield, Fred Williamson, Janear Hines, Eugene Jackson, Mary Wickes, Jeff Donnell, Eddie Quillan, and Richard Steele.

Sun Set Malibu Francie, Issue Date: 1971-77. Blonde hair with side part, mid-back length, blue eyes and peach lips. She is not wearing her original swimsuit which was a one-piece pink and red with a yellow vinyl belt, round lavender sunglasses, and a light orange towel.

A modern Barbie is modeling a vintage dress. Made from cotton fabric this aqua dress with white polka dots has a drop waist trimmed in dark blue velvet ribbon. The dress is not tagged so it is not known whether it is homemade or store bought. From its style and the aged look to the fabric it appears to be from the 1960s. The lace trim that once was dark blue to match the velvet ribbon has faded with age and is now more of a purple color. A bright red satin bow is tacked at the neckline.

Midge, 1963, with a bubblecut hair style. She is not dressed in her original clothes.

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