Celebration Barbie, the first in a new series of dolls that symbolize the holiday spirit of the 21st century. Special 2000 Edition.

This beautifully dressed Barbie is ready for the new Millennium as she chooses the perfect icicles for decorating her Christmas tree.

Barbie has aged gracefully since she was born on March 9, 1959.

Barbie checks out Studebakers before deciding which car she wants to purchase. She picked up the keys from the Dealer in Cameron, Texas and drove around the area visiting her long lost cousins.

Barbie all red, white, and blue.

Barbie another American icon.

First, get the tangles out.

Then, roll it up on curlers.

Barbie, out for a stroll along the sidewalk.

Barbie, a honey too.

Barbie wants to play.

Stacie wants to play too.

Barbie, a favorite.

Barbie, explores the Texas countryside.

Ken is a farmer who grows hay at his farm near Coupland, Texas.

Barbie looks forward to her shower before getting all dressed up.

Miss Barbie the teacher.

Barbie loves Mr. Goodbar.

When I get cold I open my eyes. When I get warm I fall asleep. Mattel's soft-bodied sleep Barbie.

Barbie is sitting pretty and ready to have her hair styled.

Barbie got the movie part of the Cigar Girl in an old movie.

Barbie doesn't watch calories, she loves eating cake.

Barbie enjoys taking a "spin" in her red sports car.

Today is shampoo day.

Decisions, decisions, what should I wear today?

Mattel's Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz.

Barbie is anxiously awaiting some new clothes.

Barbie is dressed for hiking and dreaming she may see some alligators on her journey through the wilderness.

Should I can cook supper tonight or should we go out to eat?

The cookies are baking in the oven.

Let's all work together and get breakfast ready so we can all get to work on time.

We're having a party and it's time for the guest to arrive.

We're going down on 6th Street to Party.

Everyone in Texas loves country western dancing.

Why do I feel like Betty Grable?

Mattel's My Size Barbie.

Mattel's Midge and baby.

A real cowgirl.

Two Target exclusives for Halloween and a University of Texas at Austin (UT) cheerleader.

Target special edition "Halloween Party", Barbie and Ken dressed in their costumes.

Another from Mattel's Wizard of Oz family. Tommy as the Lollipop Munskin.

The second in the Harley Davidson Barbie Collector's Series from 1998.

1998 Harley Davidson Ken #1.

Wee 3 Friends from the Barbie family. These three girls, dated 2004, are from the Dance, Dance, Dance series. Two are wearing their original dance costumes.

These girls are modeling their newest homemade clothes made by Kay. Nothing fancy but they are cool and comfortable.

A bright yellow one-piece knit dress made by Kay has just been added to Barbie's wardrobe. A cool summer knit dress that Barbie enjoys wearing and one that works well for vacationing since it stays wrinkle-free when packed. Barbie was also very happy that the dress perfectly matched a pair of her "old" yellow shoes.

Barbie's Aunt Jo went to the store and bought this dress and all the accessories especially for Barbie. Barbie loves the outfit and feels really special when she dresses to a "T".

Mattel's 1999 Slumber Party Barbie. She is a soft-bodied Barbie and is wearing her original light blue pajamas.

1993 "Happy Holidays", a beautiful green eyed Barbie by Mattel. She is not wearing her original and beautiful red evening gown which has a gold lame bodice, red tulle with gold glitter and gold edge skirt with poinsettias on bodice and red satin bows at shoulders and sewn in panties. but does still have her all of her jewelry and hair accessories. Model #10824 is a very beautiful Barbie with nice coloring.

Sitting in a patch of bluebonnets barbie is enjoying the beautiful spring day in the Lone Star State.

Barbie got a job as a carhop at "Dirty's" on Guadalupe, but she fell down as she was roller skating across the parking lot.

(Watercolor painting in background is of Dirty Martin Kumbak's and was painted by artist Mary Doerr, "Images of Austin")

Barbie searches through many clothes catalogs while trying to decide which dress she would like to have. Today she is looking through Dinah Shore's clothes from the 1950s. She really likes the styles and wishes it was easier to find pretty clothes in the department stores.

Barbie as the classic "Princess and the Pea".

Barbie reflects on her days as a school teacher.

A soft bodied 11.5 inch Barbie in her original pink fleece nightgown. She is also wearing nonremovable matching house-slippers. She is marked 1976 on the back of her head and 1993 on her bodytag. She has a stuffed body with a vinyl head and arms.

Halloween Wishes for 2005, believed to be an exclusive from the Target Stores.

Mattel's 2005 Halloween Barbie.

Halloween Wishes for 2005. Barbie's little sister Kelly is dressed for a Halloween Party. This is three of the five Kellys that make up the 2005 Halloween series.

Ken's little brother Tommy. Ken and Tommy came boxed together in a 1996 set.

Mattel's "Alphabet Soup" Barbie.

Mattel's "Bubble Fairy" Barbie.

Barbies relaxing in their new homemade dresses by Kay.

Mattel's "Jam 'n Glam" Barbie in her box.

Barbie looks good in every style of clothes; no matter what type of neckline.

A pretty Barbie who can open and close her eyes.

Barbie loves to wear fancy earrings.

Barbie makes a statement with her hot pink and yellow hair.

Barbie loves to color her hair to match her clothes.

Barbie and Ken as the 1960s Munsters. A collector's set from 2001 by Mattel.

Mattel's My Size Barbie dressed in her sister's dress and her Aunt's sunglasses.

Mattel's 1995 "Little Debbie" Barbie II. She is wearing her long gingham dress but her hat is missing.

Barbie and Curious George.

Barbie admires the beautiful bouquet of yellow flowers growing along side the roadway on Mt. Locke.

Princess of the French Court.

Barbie enjoyed her shopping spree in downtown Austin even though there aren't as many nice stores downtown as there use to be when stores like Scarbrough's, T.H. Williams, Goodfriends, and Marie Antoinette all had stores on Congress Avenue.

Barbie is trying the South Beach Diet. It will be interesting to see how it works and if she will stick with it.

A group of Barbies chat with a couple of Kens.

Barbies dressed up and ready for their dates to arrive.

Barbie has completed her resume and is going for a job interview.

Barbie's friend, "Cool Time Midge".

Barbie's friend may be "California Midge".

Festivals of the World Series, 2005, "Carnaval" Barbie doll. Barbie Collector's Pink Label, keepsake dolls at quality retailers. "Designed by Katiana Jimenez, Carnaval Barbie doll captures all the fun and opulence of the legendary festival of Rio!"
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Festivals of the World Series, 2005, "Chinese New Year" Barbie doll. Barbie Collector's Pink Label, keepsake dolls at quality retailers. "Designed by Katiana Jimenez, Chinese New Year Barbie doll "A happy celebrant is dressed in a silky red gown decorated with yellow flowers and a phoenix, symbol of happiness and joy. Flowers and butterflies, symbols of long life and beauty, are in her upswept hair. She is very happy to receive the gift of a red Lai-See Envelope!"
Get information regarding Barbie collectibles at the official site: BarbieCollector.com

Here comes the "Kelly" train with Ken's brother Tommy playing Engineer and the Kellys riding along as passengers.

Barbie Catwoman from the 2004 movie "Catwoman" that stars Halle Berry. "From super shy to to Super Hero...Patience Phillips is a shy artist who works for Hedare Beauty Cosmetics Company. Patience discovers a dark secret: one of the company's new products will disfigure women after repeated use. Now Patience is in danger! When a mysterious cat saves her life by licking her on the face, ...Patience is changed forever and Catwoman" is born! Now the criminals will run for their lives."

Mattel's "Dolls of the World" series, Polynesian Barbie, 1994, in her original clothes.

Mattel's Valentine Barbie from 2005.

Mattel's Fairytopia Barbie in blue. Her head has a 1998 copyright and her body a 1999 copyright. She has pale blue "skin" with a glitter embedded and light blue hair that has glitter embedded in some of the strands.

Mattel's Barbie & Me BarbieŽ doll is a girl's first best friend. This approximately 15 1/2-inch soft, poseable BarbieŽ doll is a perfect first fashion doll for little girls. She is not wearing her original clothes.

Mattel's Mermaid Barbie marked (c) 1990 on the back of her head and (c) 2002 on her body. Her hair is blonde with orange highlights and her rubber like mermaid body is made to be part of her. Her bathing suit top and tiara are both made from hard plastic.

Mattel's 1995 "Blue Velvet" Barbie, made for Avon.

Mattel's 1995 Holiday Barbie. A beautiful Christmas series Barbie, dressed in green.

Barbie Fairytopia Sparkle Fairy and Pedal Pixies Fairies by Mattel. Inc., copyright 2004. Mattel and the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) are working together in the U.S. to raise awareness for arts education for children. "Barbie Cares, Supporting Children in the Arts". The box states, "If you're pure of heart, kind in spirit, and truly believe in your wildest dreams, you will find your way to the faraway world of Fairytopia(tm). There you'll find all the magical creatures of your fantasies. What are you waiting for? Journey to Fairytopia(tm)."

Mattel's 2007 "I Love Lucy" Starring Lucille Ball as Lucy Ricardo, Episode 6, "The Auditions".

Mattel's 1995 soft body Barbie. She is wearing her original pink velour night gown and her non-removable fleece slippers. She has a vinyl head with long blonde hair and vinyl arms. Barbie is approximately 18 inches tall.

Mattel's 2001 soft body Barbie. She has pink hair highlighted with white, a soft body and a vinyl head, arms and hands. She is wearing a Barbie nightgown that has lavendar stripes and pink hearts but it is not the nightgown that she came in originally. She is approximately 11 inches tall and has pink slippers that are not removable.

Mattel's 1996 Kelly is all dressed up for a party. Flowers adorn her strawberry blonde hair and her satiny dress is trimmed in lace. Kelly is 4 inches tall, and about the same height as all of her friends. She won't get her dress dirty jumping rope because it's just too much fun.

Mattel's Kelly (c) 1996, is dressed in a classic brown coat. She's ready for rain or cool weather.

Four Mattel Barbies.

Six Mattel Barbies.

Mattel Barbie with a curly ponytail. She is marked "Mattel, Inc., 1966, Taiwan" on her back. This is Magic Curl Barbie from the early 1980's. Her hair can be "straightened" with a powder solution mixed with water. She is not wearing her original clothes but the clothes she is wearing have metal snaps which would indicate it is a little older than ones with plastic snaps or velcro. This swimsuit may be from the 1979 Beauty Secrets Barbie. Originally, Magic Curl Barbie was dressed in a yellow peasant or country style dress with short sleeves. Her accessories included a yellow wash cloth and towel with elastic at the top to slide on when doing her hair.

2006 "Playground Sisters" by Mattel. Here is Kelly, sister of Barbie, and her sister Stacie. Kelly, on the right, giggles and is flying a kite, Stacie is pulling a red wagon with their brown puppy inside. Made in Indonesia, Kelly is approximately 6 inches tall and Stacie is approximately 9 inches tall.

"Friends of the World - Europe" Barbie Collector, Pink Label, copyright 2005 Barbie Collector, the Barbie Collectible/Specialty Doll Division of Mattel, Inc. Dolls of the World 25th Anniversary. The back of the box has a printed Post Card postmarked " Beautiful Europe"which reads, "Hello, friends! We love getting to know about different people from around the world! We are from Europe. Ireland is famous for its beautiful, green countryside and the delicate lace and warm sweaters we make. Paris, the capitol of France, is called the City of Light. My country is known for wonderful fashion and food. Germany is famed for its many astles and the Black Forest. The traditional German outfit for girls is called a dirndl. Come visit us someday and learn more about our countries!" These "Kelly" dolls cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary from those shown. Kelly (r) doll and friends, Friends of the World (tm) - Europe Giftset, costumes are not removable.

Mattel's Magic of the Rainbow set.

Mattel's Magic of the Rainbow. Two mini size Fairies. Their wings can double as hair clips.

Barbie Fairytopia "Magic of the Rainbow", Sunburst, 2006 Mattel, Inc. Included in the box with the doll is a necklace with a secret rainbow inside. Sunburst is one of three in the Magic of the Rainbow series, which includes Sunburst, Glee and Lumina.

Mattel's Magic of the Rainbow, Elina.

Mattel's Magic of the Rainbow, Glee.

Mattel's 2004 Kelly Witch and Kelly ghost Halloween Party series - Boo.

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