Modern and popular, the Groovy Girls collection by Manhattan Toys. This is Siri riding her Wavy Rider. Groovy Girls are mod and "groovy" with their way out and kool clothes.

Six Groovy Girls by Manhattan Toys.

Manhattan Toys' Groovy Girls' Groovy Pets "Ling" the cat. Ling is 5 inches tall and wears a chic collar and a leash with a loop that fits around a Groovy Girl wrist.

Manhattan Toys' Groovy Girls. You can't have too many. So much fun to dress-up in their unique clothes and they're always smiling!

"Ushi, Under the Leaf Fairy" by Manhattan Toys. "All Glitter and Gold Ushi is the imp who messes hair." Both are in their original clothes, one is missing her shoes. They are 8" tall.

"Willow" the Witch is celebrating Halloween 2005. Willow, a very Groovy Girl, enjoys getting candy when she knocks on her neighbors' doors and shouts "Trick or Treat".

"Jacinda" a Manhattan Toys Groovy Girl from 2000 dressed in her original dress. She is playing with a Lil' Fursons Baby by Tyco, a toy that did not come with her.

Five Groovy Girls and one freckled face Groovy Boy just hanging around visiting with each other. Each doll is tagged Manhattan Toys with four of the group dated 2000, one dated 2001, and one dated 2002. The earlier Groovy Girls did not have their name printed on their tags. 2001 "Karly" is seated on the left of the front row wearing a light blue dress with lavender and maroon geometric designs. 2002 "Talli" has short hair and is wearing a tee shirt that says, "Girls Rock / Guitar Lessons".

Manhattan Toys Groovy Girls Baby is dressed in a bright yellow warmup with "Groovy" embroidered on the front. She has a little brown hair on the top of her head and is approximately 8 inches tall. The clothes are non-removable and she is marked 2000 on her tag. The Groovy Girls Baby has been discontinued from the product line.

Groovy Girl Noella wishes everyone a Merry Christmas, 2004.

Two Groovy Girls, Lourdes from 2005 and O'Ryan from 2003.

"Ushi, Under the Leaf Fairy" by Manhattan Toys. "All Glitter and Gold Ushi is the imp who messes hair." She is 8" tall and wearing her original clothes.

Eight Groovy Girls by Manhattan Toys. "Chrissy" celebrated Christmas 2005. She is holding a gingerbread man and a Christmas ornament with 2005 embroidered on it. All of her clothes, except for her shoes, are removable.

On Christmas 2013 one of the eight Groovy Girls decided to move to Oklahoma City, OK. Except for the Spring Weather in OKC I suspect she will enjoy her stay. She will have many playmates and a five year old little girl to watch after her.

A 2002 Groovy Girl on her Groovy Horse.

Zayla, the Pixie Fairy from Trixieland. She is an all vinyl 8 inch doll by Manhattan Toys who is missing her wings as well as her original skirt and shoes.

Prince Lance from Manhattan Toys in 2000. He's a Groovy Guy and part of the Dreamtastic Collection.

Five Groovy Girls by Manhattan Toys. From left to right: First, 2003 "Trini" who is part of the "T" Series (3 different ethnicities); Second, 2006 Trissa; Third, 2006 Petula; Fourth, 2000 "Sesilia"; and Fifth, 2000 "Jayne" dressed in her original Girls Rule Academy knit t-shirt and shorts.

Manhattan Toys' Groovy Girl "Willow" the Witch, ready for Halloween 2004 with her jack-o-lantern and black cat.

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