"Especially Yours" by Lotus, marked 1994, and distributed by Toy-R-Us.

"You and Me" by Lotus, marked 2001, Geoffrey, Inc. and distributed by Toy-R-Us. This 14 inch baby doll has a vinyl head, hands and feet and a soft stuffed cloth body. Open/close blue eyes, molded hair and an open mouth.

"Especially Yours" manufactured by Lotus Onda Industrial Co., Ltd., copyright 1994 by Geoffrey's, distributed by Toy-R-Us. There is a speaker and battery holder inside the doll so she probably cries or makes sounds of some sort. She is wearing a lavender onsie with a big white collar trimmed in yellow lace that is tagged "Fisher Price". She is approximately 14 inches long and has open/close eyes, a soft body, and a vinyl head, arms, and legs.

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