An assortment of Little People and Little Animals.

Parrot, Mattel 2001. Here's Polly the Parrot flying by Palm School.

Mattel 2001. Goat, grazing along the banks of the Pecos River. "Goatee".

Mattel 2001. Here's Dad with his blue cell phone.

Fisher-Price 1995, red car. Mattel 2001, Mom Linda and Dad with blue cell phone. Mom & Dad just had their car towed. They bought a new 1995 red car because their old one could not be repaired.

Mattel Fireman 2002 and his Dalmation 2001 are standing by the old Fireman's Jump in Austin, Texas. It's been standing in that location next to the Colorado River / Town Lake / Lady Bird Johnson Lake for many years providing many firemen a place to practice their jumps.

Mattel 2001, the giraffe and his family members.

Fisher-Price, 1997, brown horse.

Black and white cow, made in China, unmarked with a manufacturer. He is happy living near Martindale, Texas.

Three little sheep waiting for their owner to buy them some food. The black and white ones are Mattel 2001 and the gray one is a made in China clone.

Little People, Mattel 2001, chicken. Plenty of corn for all the chickens is chicken-feed.

Little People, Fisher-Price 1997, pig. The little pig lives near Sheffield, Texas. He is sitting and waiting for the windmill to pump him some fresh water. This has been an especially hot and dry year and the cool water is refreshing.

Little People, Mattel 2001, farmer. Farmer Brown is out at the barn checking on his horses.

Little People, Mattel 2001, girl with blue bird. The little girl is going to the movies, she wants to take her blue bird with her.

Little bear, copyright 1994 Fisher-Price, Inc.

Little People Circus Train by Fisher-Price, 1991.

Little People Asian Girl, Fisher Price - Mattel, 2001.

Five Little People, Fisher-Price 1990, made in Mexico.

Lil' Chicken, no brand.

Little People Chair, made in Mexico, 1996.

Little People Boat, Fisher-Price, 1998.

Little People, Fisher-Price, 1998. This little guy is dressed for cold weather.

Little People, Fisher-Price, 1998. This little gal is dressed for icy cold weather. While her brother is playing outside in the yard she is trying to ice skate on the almost ice covered street.

Little People skier, 1998. Some parts of West Texas experience very little snow but if wishful thinking and dressing appropriately have anything to do with it this little boy will soon be skiing on the white stuff.

Little People basketball player, 1999. This little student is on his way to the UT Sports Rec Center to play a little basketball.

It's a little puppy but not a Little People Puppy. This little white and black puppy is not identified with a brand name but he still likes to play with the other little puppies.

Little People, Fisher Price, 1998. The Circus Performers are ready to entertain the crowd.

Little People, Fisher Price, 1998. Wearing his top hat and with his whistle in hand. "When I blow the whistle, let the games begin."

A little construction worker wearing a hard hat by Tonka. This little man is surveying the sight before he calls his crew to fix the problem. He is a little larger than the Fisher-Price / Mattel "Little People".

A little man by the Little Tikes Company. This construction worker is still wearing his yellow hard hat after finishing up a long day at work. He has been working on one of the new high rise lofts being built downtown. The Little Tikes Tots are slightly larger than the original "Little People" by Fisher-Price / Mattel.

Little People boys with a frog in their pocket, each has an orange backpack that is full of school books. Fisher-Price, 1997.

A Little People boy holding a big frog and wearing an orange backpack. Mattel, 2001. The 2001 boy is slightly larger than the Fisher-Price boy with a frog in his pocket from 1997.

A Little People house cat by Fisher-Price, 1998. A nice family and a good cat makes for a comfortable house.

A Little People swimmer, Fisher-Price, 1998.

A Little People rabbit, Mattel, 2001.

A Little People doctor, Fisher-Price 1997. In 1997 doctor's still happily made housecalls to check on their sick patients.

A little cowboy. This unmarked cowboy is all plastic and looks similar to the older, smaller and original Little People. He is wearing a yellow cowboy hat and a red bandana. He owns a big Texas ranch but he enjoys staying at his Texas-size sandcastle that he built on Padre Island.

A Little People brown cow, Fisher-Price 1997.

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