Lizzie, a "Language Littles" Learning Doll. Lizzie speaks about 25-30 English and Spanish phrases and words. Press either of Lizzie's hands or the heart on the side of her leg and she will talk. She is a dressable doll who is 16 inches tall. She is made of soft velour fabric with stitched facial features and yarn hair and slightly resembles the Groovy Girl dolls by Manhattan Toys. She requires three AA batteries to talk and when new came with a language translation booklet. The Language Littles include: Lizzie (Spanish), Jolie (French), Sarah (Hebrew), Ling (Chinese), Yumi (Japanese, David (Hebrew), Sphie (Italian), Emma (German), and Alexa (Greek). Lizzie and her friends retail for $39.99 when new.

Jolie, one of the eight 2002 Language Littles Mini's. She's 8 inches tall and speaks both English and French. She is mint in her original box and sold new for $11.95.

Language Littles mini Ricky speaks Spanish and English when his middle is pressed. He is approximately 9 inches tall and wearing his original clothes and holding his football. He is tagged 1999.

Language Littles Ricky speaks Spanish and English. Ricky is approximately 16 inches tall and speaks about 25-30 English and Spanish phrases. Press either hand or his right knee and he will talk. Ricky is wearing his original clothes and holds his football in his left hand. Ricky is a Texas Longhorn fan who tailgates with many of his friends on game days. Ricky eats the "Breakfast of Champions" almost every morning so he will have the energy to kick and throw his football.

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