An original 14 inch 1975 Betsey Clark doll from Hallmark Cards by Knickerbocker. Made in Taiwan.

An original 8" Betsey Clark from Hallmark Cards by Knickerbocker.

Raggedy Ann by Knickerbocker, vintage 1962-1981.

1977 copyright by the Chicago Tribune "Annie" by Knickerbocker. She is a plush 16" doll with her dog Sandy in her pocket.

The 1976 "Original Holly Hobbie Miniature Rag Doll" copyright American Greeting Corporation. She is a small rag doll who is only 8 inches tall. She is wearing her original nonremovable clothes and has yarn hair.

Original vintage six inch (1962-1983) Raggedy Andy. Made in Taiwan, Republic of China.

Original vintage six inch Raggedy Ann with orange hair. They are both wearing their original clothes although the one on the left is missing her pantaloons. Made in Korea.

An original Knickerbocker vintage Heather, Holly Hobbie's friend from the 1970s. Copyright American Greetings, made in Taiwan Republic of China. She is still wearing her original calico print clothes. Heather is a 16" rag doll with brown yarn hair and a painted face. a painted face.

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