(A) Elle City Chic dressed doll by Jakks Pacific. 16" Blonde Elle from the year 2000. The skirt and boots are original.

(B) A close-up of Elle City Chic doll by Jakks Pacific.

Jakks Pacific 11.5 inch doll wearing a red velvet evening gown trimmed in sequins. She has long blonde hair and "real" eyelashes.

This "Kelly-like" doll is approximately 4 inches tall. Made in China, registered by Jakks Pacific, 2001 with a Disney copyright. Her dress does not look like her original clothes. She has a twist and turn waist and also has joints at her knees. Her face is painted with the typical "Disney look" eyes. She has long brunette hair that is in a ponytail that sets on top of her head.

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