Magic or lightning? Sailor Moon by Irwin, 2000. She is standing beside the roadway to McDonald Observatory.

A large baby doll by Irwin. Very realistic newborn that has been redressed.

A crawling baby doll by Irwin marked 1991. Dressed in original clothes.

Irwin's 1990 baby doll dressed in her original tagged clothes. With batteries this baby cries like a real baby until she gets her pacifier put into her mouth. She has short blonde hair, open/close blue eyes with nice full eyelashes. She has a vinyl head, arms and legs and has nice detail in her hands and feet. Her body is cloth and stuffed. Her blue plastic pacifier is attached to her clothes with a piece of white satin ribbon.

2000 "Li'l Sniffles" talks and makes noises. She says, "she has fever", she says, "she is getting a cold" when her tongue is depressed she makes appropriate noises before saying something else.

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