A 10" high-heel doll, by Horsman, dressed in her original clothes and high-heels. This little lady was played with from new by one person. She was well cared for but thoroughly played with, probably on a daily basis. She is in excellent condition other than having lost her ponytail because of the typical "Horsman brittle hair syndrome".

A little boy, 1974 vintage, by Horsman, redressed in new clothes.

An unidentified doll by Horsman, dressed in a 1954 homemade dress.

A Horsman doll, redressed in a generic playsuit. She is a drink and wet baby and has the well-known and common "horsman hair" which typically produces "bad hair days". Her body is one piece and her limbs are not jointed.

13 inch Horsman doll marked 1974. Dressed in clothes tagged GiGo Toy. Movable arms and legs, drink and wet doll with Horsman's typical wirey hair and pretty face with rosey cheeks.

13 inch Horsman bride doll marked 1967. Dressed in her original bridal gown and veil that she wore on her wedding day in 1967.

17 inch early 1960s Horsman Thirsty Baby #3437. She is not marked with a date and is not wearing her original clothes.

12 inch Horsman girl doll. The dress looks like it could be original but whether it is or not cannot be determined. The dress fits snuggly and has snaps closing the back. There is no date on the doll and she is not wearing shoes.

1971 Horsman drink and wet baby doll. One piece body without joints for arms or legs. This doll is 18" tall and is wearing what appear to be her original clothes.

A "flirty face" Horsman doll marked on her head "2953 Horsman Dolls Inc. 1969". This particular doll has a replacement cloth body, so her original height is not known. It appears as though these are her original arms and legs that are attached to her not-so-well-made "new" stuffed body. She has a "cutie-pie" face with her wide open painted-on eyes and dimpled chin. She is not wearing her original clothes since they probably wouldn't fit her "re-made-over-stuffed" body.

Dressed in her original sweater-knit clothes "Baby Soft Skin" is marked "3255 15EYE 13-81 Horsman Dolls Inc. 1971" on the back of her head. Her clothes are tagged "Made in Taiwan Republic of China". A 15" doll from head to toe whose arms and legs are stationary without joints. She has short blonde rooted hair and open-close eyes and is a drink/wet baby doll.

Dressed in her original pink velour dress this 1969 girl from Horsman has a creamy white complexion, brown eyes and light blonde rooted hair. Her arms and legs are just as creamy white as her face which would indicate she came new with the light creamy coloring and has not faded with age. Her rosy checks and pale lip color matches her rosey pink dress that is trimmed with lace and two tiny blue flowers set on bows along the bottom edge of her dress.

An 11" Horsman doll marked 1977. She has a one piece vinyl body with arms and legs that do not move. Her sundress is not original but fits nicely. She is a drink and wet doll and has rooted hair. Her hair is the typical wirey and coarse feeling hair so typical of most Horsman dolls.

1960s 15" Horsman doll. She has a pretty face with open/close eyes and nice hair. Her dress appears to be about the same age as the doll but looks like it may be homemade rather than her original outfit.

"Once Upon a Potty Girl Doll" by Horsman/division of Gatabox Ltd., designed by Alona Frankel. Vinyl head, painted face, plush body, approximately 8 inches tall. She has very curly black hair. This doll is not wearing her original clothes.

She's an all original doll who is approximately 13 inches tall and still wearing her original clothes. She is marked Horsman Dolls 1977 and is in beautiful condition. The hairnet that protects her hairdo and face is still intact. Her hat is made from a rose colored felt fabric and her matching rose colored dress is trimmed with a pink fabric ruffle.

A babydoll by Horsman Dolls marked 1977. She is marked 1977 and is approximately 12 inches tall. The lace trimmed red dress may or may not be her original clothes. The dress seems a little large for the doll but looks like the appropriate age for the doll. She has a painted face and hair and is an all vinyl doll.

Marked "copyright Horsman Dolls, Inc., 1964, BC161" on the back of her neck. This 15 inch all vinyl doll has open/close eyes and short blond hair. She is wearing her original yellow sunsuit. There is some discoloring on her face.

1972 Horsman doll that is about 10.5 inches tall. She is all vinyl with movable arms and legs. She has dimples in each of her pink cheeks and a smile that reveals two teeth. Her vintage dress and bonnet are a white dotted swiss fabric trimed in lace and rick-rack.

1975 Horsman 17" baby doll with short blonde hair, and squinty eyes. She has the typical Horsman rosy cheeks and a dimple in the center of her chin. She is not wearing her original clothes. She has a soft body with a vinyl head, arms, and legs. Her eyes are painted and are a deep dark blue.

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