A 9 inch plush doll by H. K. City Toys, Fty, Ltd. The doll is dressed in a non-removable lion's costume that is brown trimmed in orange. The "lion's" mane is looped orange yarn and the tip of the tail is also orange yarn. The face and hands are vinyl. She has a small amount of blonde hair and a painted face with big blue eyes. There is no date on the doll or the tag.

Between July 1985 and June 1986 a similar doll made by the same company, My Baby Pumpkin Doll, was recalled because of choking hazard. Tests conducted by the CPSC showed that the dolls' hands could detach and are small enough to be a choking hazard. My Pumpkin Doll was number "MA T-533-M". This Lionbaby is number MA T-538-M.

Dressed in her Christmas dress with her little stuffed kitten in her pocket this 15 inch doll is tagged H. K. City Toys Fty. Ltd. She is not dated so her age is not known. She is all plush except for her painted vinyl happy face. Her red lace-trimmed bonnet covers most of her head but her blonde braids hang down below her shoulders. She has red tights and black shoes but none of her clothes are removable.
The body tag lists numbers MA T-538-M, ME 1015, OH PA941, PA PA941.

Dressed in vintage clothes this "Especially Yours" doll stamped 1994 on her head and manufactured by H.K.City Toys, copyright by Geoffrey's Inc., and distributed by Toy-R-Us. The clothes are not tagged but are probably from the late 1950s. The jacket looks like it could be handmade. It closes with snaps under the buttons, and has tiny shoulder pads to add the proper shape to the jacket.

Hong Kong City Toys' Bean Bag Baby, marketed by Wal-Mart and made in China. A plush doll with a vinyl head, brown yarn hair, and a molded vinyl face is approximately 9 inches tall. She is wearing her original velour clothes and still has her original paper tags.

Hong Kong City Toys plush doll who is approximately 8 inches tall. Her head is vinyl but her body is stuff and she is wearing a cat costume. She has a pretty little face with glass-type blue eyes and a smile that reveals two top teeth and two bottom teeth.

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