"Ashley", one of "The Sitting Pretty Collection" from 1996 by Heritage Mint, Ltd., Scottsdale, Arizona, made in China. This 20 inch bisque porcelain doll is handpainted and wearing hand tailored clothing. Her golden ringlets are a wig and she has long eyelashes. She is not wearing her shoes which are a dark red leather-like material because the soles are detached and need re-gluing and she is missing her hat. There were three 20 inch dolls in the Sitting Pretty Collection, Jessica, Ashley, and Jennifer and they each sold for $54.99 new. There were five 14 inch dolls in the collection, Alexandria, Charles, Erika, Patty, and Charlotte and they each sold for $34.99 when new.

A porcelain doll, named Kathleen, by Heritage Mint, Ltd., Scottsdale, Arizona. She is a slim doll who is approximately 15 inches tall and marked 1989, made in Taiwan. She is dressed in her original lavender colored dress that is trimmed in lace and ribbon roses and is also wearing a matching hat. Her lavender colored high heels are not removable. She has a blonde wig with two long ringlets. She has blue inset eyes and rosy cheeks.

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