(A) An antique looking doll by Hanover House. This 18" doll was advertised and sold through decorating and craft magazines in 1979. It was advertised as "Magnificent Genuine Antiqued Porcelain Doll". It listed for $16.95 and sold for $7.77 when ordered with the coupon provided in the magazines. The advertisement description said, "Not a reproduction, but genuine antiqued porcelain, delicately hand painted just like it was over 75 years ago. Her dress is the finest Victorian fashion, all lace and ribbons authentic right down to her shoes. Plus a hand-crocheted hat to set off her golden tresses."

(B) Magazine advertisement and order form from "Decorating & Craft Ideas", July-August 1979 for ordering the above Hanover House doll.

(C) 1979 Magazine ad for ordering Brochure of Old-fashioned Dolls and Kits.

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