Little Golden Books

Little Golden Books

Little Golden Books

Little Golden Books

Little Golden Books

Little Golden Books

Little Golden Books photographed with a couple of other children's books.

Little Golden Books

Little Golden Books

Little Golden Books

Little Golden Books

Little Golden Books

Little Golden Books

Little Golden Books

Little Golden Books

Little Golden Books

Little Golden Books

Little Golden Books

Little Golden Books

An assortment of Golden Books including "Butterfly Kisses", A Little Golden Book by Bob and Brooke Carlisle, illustrated by Carolyn Ewing. Published by Golden Books Publ. Company, 1st ed. 1997, "A" printing. Inspired by song written by Bob Carlisle and Randy Thomas 1996.

A Little Golden Book, "Cowboy Mickey" by Cindy West. Copyright 1990, Western Publishing, WI.

A Big Little Golden Book, "Pound Puppies, The Puppy Nobody Wanted" in softback. Author A. C. Chandler, Illustrated by Pat Paris, copyright 1986, published by Western Publishing Co. "A" printing.

Little Golden Books, eleven of the 1992 set of twelve reproductions of the first golden books. Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Little Golden Books. 50th Anniv ed.,1992, "A" printing.

An assortment of Little Golden Books, including "Raggedy Ann and Andy", "We Help Daddy", "The New Puppy", "Heidi", "Jenny's Surprise Summer", and "Feelings from A to Z".

"Store Bought Doll", A Little Golden Book.

"Tickety-Tock", "Amanda's First Day of School", "Scuffy", "I Love You Mommy", "My Book of Poems", and other Little Golden Books.

"The Three Bears", A Little Golden Book, illustrated by F. Rojankovsky, with facsimile of his name on the cover page.

Little Golden Books, "The Christmas Tree That Grew", "Count All the Way to Sesame Street", "Big Bird Visits Navajo Country", and "The Night Before Christmas.

An Assortment of Little Golden Books, "Prayers for Children", "Baby Moses in a Basket", "Frosty", "Peter Pan", Pinocchio", "Dumbo's Book of Colors", "When Dog Grows Up", "The Little Golden Book of Hymns", "Nursery School ABC", "Bugs Bunny Calling", "The Jungle Book", "101 Dalmations", and "Cinderella".

Golden Super Shape Book, "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer", and two other Little Golden Books.

Richard Scarry's "What Animals Do". First published in 1963 as "The Rooster Struts", A Golden Sturdy Book. Winnie-the-Pooh and Tigger, a Little Golden Book.

A Little Golden Book, "Chelli and the Great Sandbox Adventure".

A Little Golden Book, "Bert's Hall of Great Inventions" and "Words" and "Peter Cottontail is on His Way".

A Little Golden Book, "My Little Golden Mother Goose", "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" and "Jesus is My Special Friend".

A Little Golden Book, "A Sleepy Story".

Three Little Golden Books, "Hopping Hens Here!", 1st edition, 2000 and "Frosty" and "Pooh Trick or Treat", 1st edition, A printing, 1997.

A Little Golden Book, "TinyToon Adventures, Happy Birthday Babs!", copyright 1990.

A Little Golden Book, "The Biggest Most Beautiful Christmas Tree", copyright 1985.
"The Christmas Story" illustrated by Eloise Wilkin, copyrights 1952, 1980.

A Little Golden Book, "The Very Best Home For Me!", copyright 1952, renewed 1982.

A Little Golden Book, "Cars and Trucks", illustrated by Richard Scarry.

A First Little Golden Book, "Meet My Buddy", copyright 1986.

A Little Golden Book, "Peter Pan".

A Little Golden Book, "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, Oh Nose!".

A Little Golden Book, "What's Up in the Attic". It looks like it may be some of Kay's dolls.

A Little Golden Book, "Richard Scarry's Best Balloon Ride Ever".

A Little Golden Book, "The Little Golden Book of Holidays" and "Puppy Love".

A Little Golden Book, "Just a Little Different" and "Where Do Kisses Come From".

A Little Golden Book, "Roger's Upside Down Day".

A Little Golden Book, "Sleeping Beauty".

A Golden Shape Book, "The Three Bears". Illustrated by Janet LaSalle, Western Publ., 1973, 4th printing, 1974. #5896, original price $0.39.

A Golden Shape Book, "Books Are Fun" written by Geri Schobert, illustrated by Jim Cummins, Western Publ., 1974, 2nd printing, 1975. #5956, original price $0.39.

A Golden Shape Book, "The Raggedy Ann and Andy Book". Written by Jan Sukus, illustrated by Ruth Ruhman & Gavy, Western Publ. Co. WI, 1972, 9th printing, 1976. #5970, original price $0.49.

A Golden Shape Book, "The Shopping Book". Written by Jan Sukus, illustrated by William Dugan, Western Publ., 1972, 3rd printing, 1975. #5923, original price $0.39. Hard to find.

A Golden Shape Book, "Tootle". Illustrated by Tibor Gergely, Western Publ. Co., 1973, 3rd printing, 1974. #5949, original price $0.39.

"Three Golden Book Favorites", A Golden Book. Includes "Scuffy the Tugboat and His Adventures Down the River" by Gertrude Crampton, illustrated by Tibor Gergely, copyright 1946, 1973; "The Great Big Car and Truck Book" with pictures by Richard Scarry, copyright 1951, 1976; and "The Great Big Fire Engine Book" with pictures by Tibor Gergely. Copyright 1950, Western Publishing Company.

"We're Taking An Airplane Trip"; "Numbers"; A Golden Shape Book, "The Baseball Book"; "Hansel and Gretel"; "Baby Sister"; and "Snow White".

"Tweety Plays Catch the Pussy Tat"; "Bugs Bunny Calling"; and "Bugs Bunny Too Many Carrots".

"Kitty on the Farm", formerly titled A Name for Kitty, illustrated by Feodor Rojankovsky; and "The Poky Little Puppy's First Christmas".

"The New Baby" by Esther Wilkin, pictures by Eloise Wilkin, formerly titled Baby Dear. "Baby Dear" is the registered trademark of a doll designed by Eloise Wilkin and manufactured exclusively by Vogue Dolls, Inc.; "Barbie, The Jewel Thief"; and "Buster Cat Goes Out".

"Easy-to-read Stories and Poems", A Big Golden Book by Lilian Moore, pictures by Grace Dalles Clarke and Corinne Malvern, Golden Press, NY, 1955, revised ed. 1961.

"The Bunny Hop", A Little Golden Book by Sarah Albee, illustrated by Maggie Swanson. Featuring Jim Henson's Sesame Street Muppets. First edition, 1997.

"The Very Best of Friends", A Golden Tell a Tale Book by Steffi Fletcher, illustrated by Carl and Mary Hauge, Western Publ. Co., WI. Copyright, 1963, "A" printing. Original price 59 cents.

"A Day on the Farm", A Little Golden Book, #304-56, copyright 1960, "Q" printing by Nancy Fielding Hulick, pictures by John P. Miller.

"Baby's Christmas", A Little Golden Book, copyright 1996, 1959, renewed 1987, "A" printing MCMXCVI by Esther Wilkin, revised by Diane Muldrow. Illustrations by Barbara Lanza (In homage to Eloise Wilkin-BL).

"Joe Camp's Benji, Fastest Dog in the West", A Little Golden Book, copyright 1978 Mulberry Square Productions, "D" printing. By Gina Ingoglia, illustrated by Werner Willis.

"The Fire Fighters' Counting Book", A Little Golden Book, copyright 1983, "I" printing. By Polly Curren, illustrated by Pat Stewart.

"If I Had a Dog", A Little Golden Book, copyright 1984, "E" printing, #205-50. Story and pictures by Lilian Obligado.

"Prayers for Children", A Little Golden Book, copyright 1942. "A" printing MCMXCII "A Commemorative Facsimile Edition Published on the Occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Little Golden Books."

"The Animals' Christmas Eve", A Little Golden Book, copyright 1977 by Western Publishing Co., "L" printing, written by Gale Wiersum and illustrated by Jim Robison. Also shown are, Happy and Sad Grouchy and Glad, The Night Before Christmas, Just Say Please first edition 1988, Mickey and the Beanstalk 1988 "B" printing, The Fire Engine Book, Barney The Best Christmas Eve! a first edition 1997, and Walt Disney's Lady and The Tramp.

Little Golden Books: "To Grandmother's House We Go", Walt Disney's "Grandpa Bunny", "The Friendly Beasts", and "The Tale of Peter Rabbit".

A Golden Book Green Eyes, story and pictures by A. Birnbaum, 1973 "J" Printing, copyright 1953 by Western Publishing Company, Inc. This book is approximately 10.5" wide and 12" tall. Simple and recognizable illustrations by the late A. Birnbaum's illustrations first appeared in the New York Herald Tribune and the New York Post. Later he joined the staff of the New York Evening World.

"Best of All A Story About the Farm", A Little Golden Book by Cecily Ruth Hogan, illustrated by Lorinda Bryan Cauley. Published by Golden Press, Western Publ. Co., 1978. 2nd printing, 1979.

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