1998 Super Hugs Lollipalooza doll by Goldberger Doll Mfg. Co. A 10 inch doll who can put her thumb in her mouth or a bottle would fit too. Vinyl face and hands with non-removable clothes on her stuffed plush body.

1997 Plush baby doll made for baby by Goldberger Doll Mfg. Machine washable and guaranteed for life are the attributes offered by Goldberger Doll for this soft pink and white plush doll. A nice quality baby doll for baby.

"Dolly Diapers" by Goldberger Doll Co. The only soft body drink & wet doll, is exclusively made by Goldberger Doll. Her trademark "She's Soft As A Baby's Bottom" is so fitting for this Goldberger Doll with a lifetime warranty.

"Lollipalooza" by Goldberger Doll Co. Baby's bottle has "Lollipalooza" embossed on its side but this doll's mouth is not the shape for the bottle or the thumb to fit. She is approximately 10 inches long with nonremovable clothes that are made from pink velour and a star print cotton. She has a mask face and her body is completely soft except for her face and hands. Her bottle is molded as part of her right hand. She has a painted face.

A large baby doll which is tagged by Goldberger Mfg. Co., Inc., Brooklyn N.Y. She is marked on the back of her head "Hong Kong". She is approximately 21" tall and has blonde rooted hair. She has open-close eyes which probably had eyelashes when new. As you can tell from picture #1 and #2 the years have not been kind to her. She was recently rescued from an attic where she slept with the silverfish. She has a cloth body that is stuffed with polyurethane. As shown in pictures #1 - #3 she cleaned up fairly well and has been redressed.

This 13 inch baby doll is tagged "Sandra Bilotto Collectibles" and signed on the base of her neck. It is made by Goldberger Doll Mfg. Co, Inc. A very nice doll with a soft body with vinyl head, hands, and feet. Long eyelashes adorn her bright blue eyes. This is a pretty baby doll with nice coloring and a sweet face. The pink sleeper, with an attached baby rattle, that she is wearing appears to be her original clothes.

A cuddly soft 18 inch baby doll with non-removable clothes with an attached pacifier. This washable doll by Goldberger has a soft body with vinyl head, hands, and feet. Her mouth is open and she has glass-type eyes and molded hair.

A 1998 Goldberger cuddly soft 9 inch baby doll with non-removable clothes. This little doll by Goldberger has a soft body and a vinyl head. She has glass-type eyes and molded hair and her body is made from a combination of pink checked fabric and a floral print fabric.

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