Galoob (GTI) Dream Waltz Anastasia marked "1997 Fox". She is not wearing her original yellow evening gown but she does still have her pearl necklace, bracelet, earrings, and ring.

1990 Lewis Galoob (L.G.T.I.) Dee Dee still dressed in her original clothes and bright yellow boots. She has light gray-blue eyes and very long eyelashes that match her white hair. She has her tongue sticking out of her mouth and has jointed elbows and knees for flexibility.

1990 / 1991 Louis Galoob (LGTI) "Suzy Snapshot". Suzy is approximately 15 inches tall with big blue eyes and long blonde hair. She has a vinyl head and an all plastic body, legs, and arms. She was sold new with a bright pink child-size toy camera. Suzy is a fashion model who is suppose to change poses each time the camera is clicked. This Suzy lost her camera so she doesn't automatically change poses utilizing her multiple joints and flexibility. The camera uses two C batteries and the doll 3 AA's. Her dress is not original and looks to be a fairly old doll dress made of cotton trimmed in lace and eyelet, a small blue ribbon tied into a bow and tiny buttons. The dress is yellow, its bodice white and fastened in the back with small snaps. She is wearing non-removable pink shoes.

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