1980 "Cut and Grow" doll by Gabriel - CBS Toys. A cute 13" vinyl doll with yarn hair. She has changeable hair that grows. When the doll was current and still relatively new hair refills were available to be purchased separately. Even now the refills can occasionally still be found for sale on ebay. She is wearing her original clothes but as you can see what once was very long yellow "hair" has been cut to the maximum.

Of interest regarding the manufacturing company: Contaminated Soil Report, April, 1993, Laws & Litigations, Page 7.

CBS Fined $5.9 Million For HazWaste Dumping In Lancaster County (PENNSYLVANIA) Columbia Broadcasting System Inc. has been fined $5.9 million for allegedly dumping hazardous materials in Lancaster County, Pa., and then concealing the contamination from the public. State Department of Environmental Resources (DER) Secretary Arthur A. Davis announced the fine, which is reportedly one of the largest ever imposed by the DER. The fine stems from contamination found at a former toy-manufacturing plant CBS owned in East Lampeter Twp., Lancaster County, from 1976 to 1986.

"CBS knew of historical contamination at the site and also contributed to the pollution of the property, but did nothing to let citizens know there could be a potential health and safety problem," Davis said.

Contaminants include two solvents suspected of causing cancer as well as nickel, lead and zinc. The chemicals were byproducts of an electroplating process used at the plant.

The pollution was cited in three insurance studies conducted by CBS when it bought the property from the Gabriel and Hubley toy companies in 1976, said Pam DiSalvo, DER press secretary. Instead of reporting the problem to the DER, CBS covered one exposed lagoon with soil, allowing contamination to spread into the soil and the Conestoga River, she said. The DER has asked the Environmental Hearing Board to impose the fine. CBS may appeal any decisions by the hearing board to Commonwealth Court.

CBS sold the plant to Playskool Inc., a division of Hasbro Inc. of Pawtucket, RI in 1986. Playskool was fined $82,000 by the DER for failing to inform the state of the problem when it bought the property from CBS. Playskool told the DER of the contamination in 1990, when it closed the facility. Playskool is committed to cleaning up the site and is involved in litigation with CBS to recover its costs, according to company officials.

Davis, of the DER, said the department attempted to reach an agreement with CBS and Playskool that would have apportioned responsibility for the cleanup. CBS and Playskool could not come to terms, and the department accepted Playskool's offer to clean up the site.

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