14 inch blonde haired girl from DSI Toys, marked 1998, and wearing what appears to be her original clothes with her painted on shoes.

Strawberry blonde plush doll with vinyl head and hands. She has non-removable clothes and with batteries is suppose to talk.

A soft 2001 doll by DSI Toys, Inc. who is 14 inches tall and all plush except for her head and hands. She is marked 1999 on her head. Her face is painted and her hair is blonde. With batteries she sings the entire song, "Jesus Loves Me, This I know....." She is wearing a light blue and white dress trimmed with a pink heart and an embroidered dove.

"Too Cute Twins", interactive boy doll, stamped 2000 on his head. This little twin boy talks but if his twin sister were here they would talk to each other. His arms and head move when he talks. When new the twins came with a stroller and other accessories. He is dressed in his original clothes and is approximately 12 inches tall. He likes peanut butter, wants a hug, and love his mommy. To work he needs six AA batteries. The sensor that allows the interaction with his twin is a small clear plastic insert (visible in the photograph) by his right ear.

DSI Toys, little boy doll marked 1998. Plush body with vinyl head and hands. Rooted short brown hair and painted face.

DSI Toys, 2000 talking doll.

DSI Toys, dated 2000. She is not wearing her original clothes. Her tennis shoes are non-removable and are missing their shoestrings. She has blond rooted hair and a painted face. Her body is soft and her head and hands are vinyl. She does have a battery pack accessable from her back but doesn't seem to talk or sing anymore.

DSI Toys, 2001 doll. She is 15 inches tall and has blonde hair with pink ribbons. Open/close eyes and a pretty skin tone. She is wearing her original pink dress that has an overskirt of sheer white fabric embossed with hearts. She has a hard plastic body and a vinyl head, arms and legs. Her name is unknown and whether she is an interactive doll or a talking doll is also unknown, but she does use batteries.

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