A Mattel Barbie case dated 1961.

1964-1966 Midge wearing Barbie's 1965-1966 evening gown #1639 "Holiday Dance". The evening gown is one of Barbie's from the first six years of Barbie. This white and gold striped gown with gold spaghetti straps came with an orange chiffon sash with two gold beads accent, long white tricot gloves, gold dimpled clutch purse, and white closed toe pumps.

A Barbie greeting card that includes a dress for Barbie.

My doll suitcase from the early 1950s.

(A) This gold dress made of organdy and trimmed in lace is from a doll that I had in the 1950s. Unfortunately, I can't remember what the doll looked like. I dressed my Sweet Sue in this organdy dress from time to time. I've read that Sweet Sue's junior prom dress came with a ribbon around her waist and now I wonder if the ribbon and flower with this dress may have originally belonged to Sweet Sue's prom dress or if it goes with this dress. I know that for 50 years the tie with the flower has been with this gold colored organdy dress.

(B) Miss No-name is modeling the 1950s organdy dress.

This matching set of coats for Barbie and Kelly are from Fashion Avenue.

Miss No-name models an American Girl gown. This is the Girl of Today Slumber Shirt #1.

A Target Store exclusive, a commemorative magazine and Barbie dress.

A Cabbage Patch Kids transitor radio. 1983 Original Appalachian, Inc., by Playtime Products.

American Girl Bitty Baby's 5" bear by Pleasant Company.

Barbie shoes, she believes that she needs a pair to match each and every outfit.

Open up this plastic case by Mattel and there is a doll house kitchen for a small Cabbage Patch Kid. When closed the case measures about 10 inches long x 6 inches deep x 6 inches tall. When open it is about 15 inches wide x 10 inches tall. It is marked 1995 and copyrighted by Original Applachian Artworks. The small size "Kid" sitting in the high-chair is 6 inches tall.

Heidi Ott is trying on her new robe and nightgown. The white nightgown is comfortable for sleeping and when covered with the pink robe is warm enough to sit around reading the newspaper or even playing paper dolls on Saturday morning. The entire ensemble is handmade by someone who made an especially nice outfit for Heidi or one of her 18 inch friends.

Heidi Ott enjoys trying on her new dresses. This is another dress that was homemade for Heidi by one of her friend's Grandmother.

Another dress that was homemade just for Heidi or one of her friends. This little red print dress is just what she likes. It fits well and is comfortable with its fully lined bodice.

An eyelet nightgown for Heidi to wear as she sleeps. This one is homemade by someone who enjoyed sewing.

Heidi's wardrobe is growing and with so many clothes she is beginning to feel just like Barbie. This dress is a "Daisy Kingdom" dress. She enjoys the full skirt on this particular dress as she twirls and it swirls around and around. The new dress is handmade by someone who she doesn't know but she is happy to have such a pretty dress anyway.

It's almost winter and Heidi's L.L. Bean Kingfield Snowflake Cardigan is a welcome addition to her closet. It not only keeps her warm but looks nice with her 1995 Pleasant Company bluejeans.

Heidi plans to wear this little pink dress next spring. For now she will hang it in her closet while she wears her warmer winter clothes. This dress was hand sewn by someone who made most of Heidi's newest clothes.

This little pink jumper fits Heidi Ott nicely. Sometimes she will wear a shirt underneath. The handbag matches her jumper and will be handy for carrying her lunch money and a hankerchief.

The 1995 Pleasant Company jeans are one of Heidi's favorite pair, and she wears them frequently. Today she is wearing them with a plaid shirt and a matching vest that were homemade for one of her friends who outgrew them.

Heidi is wearing another homemade outfit that her friend outgrew and passed down to her. This red and white check outfit is comfortable to wear.

This little red dress with a tan border is one of Heidi Ott's favorites. Her friend's Grandmother made the dress. Heidi wants to wear it on her first day of school. She wore it when she went shopping for school supplies and felt very pretty.

Dark red velvet trimmed in white w/ gold rick-rack and a sheer fabric with gold stars. This will be Heidi's choice of dresses when she goes to the school dance this fall. The dress was a hand-me-down from Heidi's older sister who had it made especially for her, but Heidi likes it too and doesn't mind that it has been worn before.

For the Christmas dance Heidi will wear this lovely dress. It is store bought and fits perfectly. Between now and the holidays Heidi will go shopping for the perfect pair of shoes to finish off her outfit. The dress is beautiful with its red velvet top and white satin skirt that has embroidered roses. It is tagged "Sophia's Heritage Collection, 1997"

The weekend is coming and Heidi plans to play outside in the backyard. These corduroy overalls are just perfect for playing. She likes the white knit shirt underneath and is happy with the entire outfit. She hopes to dig out her hula-hoop and also her jacks for a fun-filled couple of days. The overalls and shirt were both homemade and were hand-me-downs to Heidi.

During the summer one of Heidi Ott's favorite things to do is roller skate and also to play hop-scotch and this little summer playsuit will be perfect for both. It is homemade by someone who Heidi doesn't know but she likes the cool comfort and will wear it out to play.

No matter which swimming pool Heidi decides to go swimming in this little swimsuit and matching cover-up and towel will be perfect. She plans to go swimming as often as possible next summer. Balmorhea would be nice but she will probably go to Northwest Park more often.

Kelly has a new outfit. It is one that was handmade expecially for one of Kelly's friends who lives in Lockhart, Texas. When her friend outgrew it she gave it to Kelly. Kelly will wear it this weekend while she plays jump rope and rides her tricycle.

Kelly is going camping soon. She is going to Camp Simplicity where she will learn how to take care of herself in the wilderness. She doesn't know what kind of animals she will see but she is hoping there won't be crocodiles or sting-rays in cool mountain stream where she will go wading.

Barbie is modeling a vintage dress. Made from cotton fabric this aqua dress with white polka dots has a drop waist trimmed in dark blue velvet ribbon. The dress is not tagged so it is not known whether it is homemade or store bought. From its style and the aged look to the fabric it appears to be from the 1960s. The lace trim that once was dark blue to match the velvet ribbon has faded with age and is now more of a purple color. A bright red satin bow is tacked at the neckline.

Barbie is modeling her beautiful gold brocade evening dress. It is from Fashion Avenue and tagged "Barbie".

White vinyl doll shoe marked "Eugene, Hong Kong, 1981" on the bottom. It measures 1.812 inches long and is made of the typical white vinyl with an embossed bow on the toe that was popular and common for many years.

1994 Mattel, "Barbie for girls" Accessory Case Model #2805. "Swivel trays for bows, brushes, toys, crafts and much much more! Cool bow handle!"

"Lucky Star" outfit for Our Generation 18 inch doll collection, copyright by Battat, Inc. The set includes a plaid skirt, knit top, hair ribbon, handbag and shoes.

Mattel's Barbie "Fashion Touches", a set of eyelet undies for Barbie including pink stockings.

June is modeling a dress made by the Pleasant Company.

Assortment of Barbie clothes and accessories.

Barbie lunch box by Thermos. The lunch kit is shaped like Barbie's house and there is a Barbie figure attached to the front of the box.

Barbie's 1987 outfit #4330 by Mattel.

Doll shoes, including a pair of house slippers that resemble a bird's face, and an unidentified doll dress.

An assortment of Barbie coat-hangers, shoes, brushes and other accessories.

Accessory case for Barbie by Tara Toys, 1991.

An assortment of Barbie "stuff", including shoes, food, dishes, furniture, bake shop, blackboard, suitcase and other Barbie accessories.

A wrap around dress for Barbie tagged "A Genuine Barbie Fashion". This dress was part of "My First Barbie Doll" promotion from Germany, 1981.

Barbie's clothes are "wash 'n wear".

Barbie's plush poodle 2002 and Barbie case.

"Sunday Tea" outfit consisting of a dress, hat, purse, and shoes for the 18" Our Generation dolls. "Will you come for Sunday Tea?"

Madeline's "Old House in Paris" Outdoor Furniture Chairs by Eden. A set of four chairs (3 shown) that have striped cushions and are designed to look like wrought iron. The set came new with a table and four chairs and is just the right size for the 8" Madeline doll.

Pink Bratz Genie Magic purse with bead handle by Tin Box Company, 2005. Also, perfect for small dolls and/or accessories.

Barbie size guitar. It is not know whether this is an authentic Barbie accessory or not since it is not marked with a manufacturer or date.

Barbie is wearing a Loisirs Barbie dress which came from either Canada or Europe in 1987.

Bratz Petz, two cats by MGA Entertainment.

Ziel, a German Sesamstrasse suitcase, Copyright Children's Television Workshop, 1985 Sesame Street Muppets. Exclusively by Theia Frankenthal. Merchandising Hamburg K. G. Schrieber. The play suitcase measures 7" x 11" x 4".

A vintage Madame Alexander blue and white striped blouse that has an attached half-slip is tagged "Madame Alexander NY USA". The satin skirt is not tagged but appears to be of the same era as the blouse and looks nice with the blouse. The skirt has an attached under-skirt of white net. A 15" fashion doll made by Laiko is modeling the vintage outfit.

Pleasant Co. bitty teddy bear. Tagged 1995 this 5 inch bear is an American Girl accessory.

This pretty doll dress is completely hand-made by Jo Hannah. The delicate stitching and extras make it a very beautiful doll accessory.

Mattel, 1994, extendable car for Barbie which can be made into a two seater or four seater.

Coleco's Cabbage Patch Kids (c) 1986 O.A.A., rocking chair horse, made in Romania. All "the kids" enjoy riding the rocking horse.

Vintage Vogue clothes, plaid overalls and a yellow knit shirt. These clothes may be some of Ginny's clothes or some other small doll by Vogue. Modeling the vintage clothing is a small 6 inch doll by Ertl. The overalls are for a doll who is slightly taller than this one.

(c) 2000, Ladie & Friends. A pretty pink bathrobe.

Manhattan Toys Groovy Girls Petrageous Poppi The Italian Greyhound TheMahattan Toys Groovy Girls Petrageous Poppi Italian Greyhound Pet, "Poppi". Cute floppy ears and puppy eyes equal a very soft plush Groovy Pet. This Poppi is not wearing his original vest, collar or barrette.

The Groovy Girls have many pets, some of their dogs include: Pritzy Poodle (pink), Chi-Chi (blue/white hound), Joji (brown weiner dog), Peeksie Poodle (purple), and Kipp the Surfer Dog. This must be Joji from 2000.

2006 Barbie (copyright Mattel, Inc.) in the 12 Dancing Princesses 13 piece Procelain Tea Set by Schylling, Rowley, MA, made in China. The set includes tea pot with lid, 4 cups, 4 saucers, sugar bowl with lid and creamer.

Barbie brushes.

Barbie's table and chair on display at Home Lumber Company.

Two Fisher-Price Bikes.

Vintage doll clothes. The striped blouse and petticoat are both marked Madame Alexander NYC.

Vintage doll clothes. Two Mexico jackets made for dolls. In the early 1950s two of my siblings and I had Mexico jackets, each of ours were made of a different color fabric and were very similar in style to these doll jackets.

Vintage doll clothes.

Vintage doll clothes. Another view of the Madame Alexander blouse and slip.

Vintage doll clothes.

Vintage doll clothes.

Vintage doll clothes.

Vintage doll clothes.

Vintage doll clothes. Some or all of these clothes may be from Tiny Tears. I know that the pink dress, bonnet and panties are from the 1950s American Character Tiny Tears Doll.

Vintage doll clothes.

Vintage doll clothes.

Vintage doll clothes.

Vintage doll clothes.

Vintage doll clothes.

Vintage doll clothes.

Vintage doll clothes.

Vintage doll clothes.

Vintage doll clothes.

Vintage doll clothes.

Vintage child's apron.

Vintage child's hankerchiefs.

Vintage hankerchiefs.

Vintage doll clothes.

Vintage doll clothes.

Vintage doll clothes.

Vintage doll shoes.

Vintage doll handbag.

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