When asked, "Guess What's Inside?" Think, caramel, popcorn, and peanut snack with the prize inside! Think, Cracker Jacks!!! Here are some prizes still sealed in their striped packages that haven't been opened. (The Exxon Tony the Tiger keychains are not Cracker Jack prizes.) Visit the Cracker Jack site: Cracker Jacks and learn more about this delicious snack, with a prize inside the box, that has been around and enjoyed for more than 100 years.

Prizes! Surprises that come one to a box, the prize that is included within each box of Cracker Jack. These are from the 1950s and 1960s.

Green steer from a box of Cracker Jack.

Did Mr. Peanut and the gold rocking chair come as prizes in Cracker Jack or from somewhere else? Their origin is unknown.

These three old prizes from the 1940s were probably Cracker Jack toys, but could have come from gumball machines.

The prize, a red plastic magnifying glass, from a box of Cracker Jack.

A few prizes, small toys, and a penny with a cut-out in the shape of Texas.

Cracker Jack toys.

1997, Cracker Jack toys were still mip after 12 years, but in 2009 they are now open and photographed. See Toon Twosomes Sticker Collection below.

1997, Cracker Jack Toon Twosomes sticker collector card #4 of 12.

1997, Cracker Jack Toon Twosomes sticker collector card #1 of 12.

1997, Cracker Jack Toon Twosomes sticker collector card #7 of 12.

1993, Cracker Jack ball players card #9 of 24. Marquard, Brooklyn - Federals, 1915 Set #43

Green plastic Cracker Jack book marker.

Cracker Jack B series-59, New Transfer Fun, card 2 of 20.

Cracker Jack B series-4, Super Slate 1 of 30.

Cracker Jack Kaleido-Klips Button Clip-ons. Series-69, number 2 of 15.

Cracker Jack Magic Window. B Series-58, number 12 of 24.

Cracker Jack Loony Toons, 1996 WB, number 1 of 8.

Cracker Jack postcard. CJR-1, number 2 of 12.

Cracker Jack Series-68, number 11 of 15 and 14 of 15.

Cracker Jack Pretend Postcards, Series-B61, number 4 and 14.

Cracker Jack Take Me Out to the Ballgame, 1993.

Cracker Jack Tattoos. Series-24, number 4 of 9.

Cracker Jack Team Pennants, 1993.

Cracker Jack "What Does the Dog See?"

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