This little 8" baby doll from 1998 has the sweet face and well made clothes typical of all Corolle dolls.

This angel is a Corolle doll.

Corolle Bebe Baby, 12 inch marked 2000. Wearing original clothes.

10" Corolle little girl with very long hair. Wearing original tagged clothes. Marked S 98 2 M 8

10" Corolle 1993 bebe baby doll wearing original tagged clothes. Marked 94-4-V10 on head.

2002 Corolle Les Cheries doll "Camille". She is 14" tall and dressed like a teenager with her rolled up jeans, white shirt and sneakers. A pretty girl, a quality doll, and still new in the box. She is scented like vanilla which is customary for all or most Corolle dolls.

2000 Corolle 8 inch BeBe Baby. This little Asian baby is dressed in original tagged clothes. A painted face with small brown eyes and coal black rooted hair give this Corolle baby doll unique features.

1997 Corolle 8 inch BeBe baby doll. This small 8 inch baby doll is dressed in her original tagged clothes. A painted face with small brown eyes and molded hair.

Marked 2001 on his tag, this plush Corolle doll is dressed in a nonremovable bunny suit of dark navy blue velour. The insides of his long ears are light blue and his bunny tail is dark blue. He is wearing a light blue and white striped t-shirt monogrammed "C" and tagged "Corolle". He is soft and snuggly and has the faint vanilla smell typical of Corolle dolls. His face is painted and his little side glancing blue eyes make him a cute doll.

1997 Corolle doll that is about 7 inches tall with a beanfilled body and a vinyl head, arms and legs. The face is painted with blue side-glancing eyes. The doll is not wearing her original clothes, she is wearing a soft lavender colored knit top with a ruffle around the neckline. The top is tagged "1988 Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc.".

Bebe Plouf, an all vinyl Corolle girl who is 12 inches tall. She is wearing clothes that are tagged Corolle but they are not her original clothes. She has sealed eyes so water will not damage them, she was made for bath time and swimming time. She came new with a swim suit and a bathrobe and arm floats. She still has her sweet vanilla scent.

Corolle 2002-2003, "Tidoo" soft bodied bath baby. Tidoo is wearing his cap but is missing his clothes. His soft body is bean filled, he has open/close eyes, and the familiar "Corolle vanilla scent". He is approximately 12 inches tall.

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