Grandma's 24 inch lithographed cloth doll dating from about 1907. A photograph of Grandma's sister playing with the doll appears to have been taken in approximately 1910. The doll no longer has clothes other than the clothes that are printed on the fabric. A similar doll to this one is a doll who advertised Korn Krisp cereal. The advertisement doll is Miss Korn Krisp and her name is printed on her front side just below her waist. This particular doll has no visible printing, neither brand or sponsor, but her printed clothes are very similar to Miss Korn Krisp's "clothes". Even though Miss Korn Krisp is a lithographed cloth doll that is about the same size and has a strong resemblance her face is different, her hair is a darker color, and she doesn't have the red bow in her hair.

Grandma's lithographed cloth doll dating from about 1906. The condition of the doll makes it difficult to see many details but it does appear to be a black boy holding his hat in front of him. This doll is 12 inches tall and his face resembles Rastus the Cream of Wheat Chef but his clothes are completely different than the doll who advertises Cream of Wheat cereal.

In about 1948-49 Kellogg's Rice Krispies cereal had an offer for a set of 3 printed cloth dolls, "Snap", "Crackle", and "Pop". The dolls came printed on pieces of fabric and were ready to be sewed together. Since that time Snap has dissappeared, Crackle has moved away and as you can see Pop is still around. Pop is 10 inches tall and wearing his band uniform. He has maintained his vividly colored fabric colors for over 60 years.

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