From Kay and Lyn's private collection, by J. Frank Dobie, Christmas 1941, Bob More Man and Bird Man.

From Kay and Lyn's private collection, by J. Frank Dobie, Christmas 1962, A Schoolteacher in Alpine.

From Kay and Lyn's private collection, by J. Frank Dobie, 1946, Do Rattlesnakes Swallow Their Young?.

From Kay and Lyn's private collection, An Gottes Hand: Drei Erzaehlungen fur die Jugend, von Kathe Dorn. Circa 1900, Ernst Kaufmann, Lahr (Baden)., N.Y., N.Y., n.d.

From Kay and Lyn's private collection, A German Christmas Greeting Book from 1880.

From Kay and Lyn's private collection, Eine seltsame Pflegemutter; und andere Erzahlungen, circa 1850, von Gotthilf Heinrich von Schubert (1780-1860), Ernst Kaufmann, Lahr (Baden)., N.Y., N.Y., n.d.

From Kay and Lyn's private collection, Friedel. Eine Gefchichte aus dem Volksleben, circa 1860s, W.O. von Horn (W. Oertel).

From Kay and Lyn's private collection, Fur-Alle-Etwas. Altes und Nenes..

From Kay and Lyn's private collection, Klein Harrys Testament; und Andere Erzahlungen, von Lilli Fredrich, circa 1910, Ernst Kaufmann, Lahr (Baden)., N.Y., printed in Germany, Reutlingen, Ensslin and Laiblin, n.d.

From Kay and Lyn's private collection, Lingg von Linggenfeld ein deutscher Biedermann, circa 1850s, von Gustaf Nieritz (1795-1876)

From Kay and Lyn's private collection, Ottilie Wildemuth's Ausgewahite Erzahlungen, Ottilie Wildenmuth (1817-1977), circa 1860, publisher Carl Hirsch, n.d.

From Kay and Lyn's private collection, Wandle vor Mir und sei fromm!, circa 1910, Kunstdruck & Verlag von Ernst Kaufmann Lahr (Baden), N.Y., N.Y., n.d.

From Kay and Lyn's private collection, Weihnachten in der Holzfael-hutte, circa 1900, G. W. Lose, Wartburg Publishing House, Chicago, printed in Germany.

From Kay and Lyn's private collection, Simon: Lebensgeschichte Eines Negerslaven in Brasilien , German edition, by W. O. von Horn, 1856. Published in N.Y. by Ernst Kaufmann.

From Kay and Lyn's private collection, Simon, the Story of a Negro Slave in Brazil , as translated from German, by W. O. von Horn, 1856. Published in Chicago & N.Y. by Ernst Kaufmann.

From Kay's private collection, Bandit Jim Crow, one of the "The Twinkle Tales" by Laura Bancroft (pseudonym of L. Frank Baum 1856-1919), Bandit Jim Crow, Reilly & Britton, 1906, first edition. A children's book by Laura Bancroft that is well worth reading, although the story is presented very differently than modern day children's books. Appreciating the illustrations by Maginal Wright Enright is easy to do and an extra special treat. Maginal Wright Enright is the sister of Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959, American architect).

L. Frank Baum is known and remembered best as the creator of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and the Oz series, but actually he wrote 81 books which clearly made L. Frank Baum one of the most brilliant writers of the twentieth century.

L. Frank Baum was a very prolific writer, producing many books other than the Oz series during his most productive years. Many of these were written under the pseudonyms of various women.

The following list is of the childrens books that were published under Baum's pen name of Laura Bancroft:
1906 The Twinkle Tales (six small volumes) include Bandit Jim Crow, Mr. Woodchuck, Prairie-Dog Town, Prince Mud-Turtle, Sugar-Loaf Mountain, Twinkle's Enchantment.
1907 Policeman Bluejay
1911 Babes in Birdland (reissue of Policeman Bluejay)
1911 Twinkle and Chubbins (single-volume edition of The Twinkle Tales).

From Kay and Lyn's private collection, Songs for Service For the Church, Sunday School and Evangelistic Services, for the Methodist Church. Copyright and publication date is not known but the owner's name and date of June 27, 1916 are written on the coverpage. The selections include Church Hymns, Revival Songs, Sunday School Songs, Children's Songs, Songs for Male Voices, Solos, and Responsive Readings. Compiler: Homer A. Rodeheaver. Musical Editor: Chas. H. Gabriel. The Rodeheaver Gospel Music, Chicago.

From Kay and Lyn's private collection, Elmer's Little Black Notebook , written by Elmer Wheeler and published during World War II, during the 1940s, was distributed by the Ralston Purina Company.

The Sunshine School, copyright 1928, by J. Mace Andress and Mabel C. Bragg. Illustrated by Kayren Draper and Cornelia J. Hoff. Published by Ginn and Company

Keeko, copyright 1947 by Wilcox & Follett Co. The book is Charles Thorson's first and part of Kay's personal collection since 1952. The story and illustrations are both by Charles Thorson, the creator of Bugs Bunny. A truly delightful children's story with beautiful illustrations.

From Kay's private collection, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll, a Special Edition published by Random House, 1946. The John Tenniel illustrations from the original edition were colored in the manner of the period by Fritz Kredel. This edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was designed by George Salter.

Houston and Texas Portraits, copyright 1959, by J. G. Banik. The Naylor Company, publishers of the Southwest, San Antonio, Texas. "Within the lines of these verses, the author embodies much that is dear to the heart of every true Texas...." "J. G. Banik, a poet with a rare and unusual talent for patriotic verse, boasts, as well, a long and distinguished record in the field of education, beginning his teaching career in a two-teacher school in Fayette County."

The Real Book About Making Dolls and Doll Clothes, copyright 1951, by Catherine Roberts. Illustrated by the author, published by Garden City Books by arrangement with Franklin Watts, Inc.

The True Book of Our Post Office and Its Helpers, copyright 1955, by O. Irene Sevry Miner. Pictures by Irene Miner and Mary Salem, published by Childrens Press, Chicago.

Tales From The Manchaca Hills, copyright 1960, as edited and recorded by Jane and Bill Hogan. The Hauser Press, New Orleans. Tales from Mrs. Edna Turley Carpenter's memoirs. This book is especially interesting to Kay because as a child attending the Manchaca Methodist Church she knew and saw Mrs. Carpenter every Sunday.

On Cherry Street, copyright 1948, by Odille Ousley and David H. Russell. Illustrated by Meg Wohlberg. Published by Ginn and Company. This first grade reader has been part of Kay's private collection since May 25, 1952. Of those who attended grade school in the 1950s most will definitely remember "Flip" the dog, "Mr. Mac" who ran the store, "Mother" who stayed home and baked cakes, "Father" who went to work, "Miss Hill" the teacher, and all of the well-known children, "Tom", "Betty", "Dick", "Nan", "Jack", "Susan", and the little kitten "Frisky". This particular book does not mention "Jane" or "Spot" in any of its stories.

The Ranch Book, copyright 1943, reprinted January 1944, September, 1944, and March, 1948. Written by Miriam Blanton Huber, Frank Seely Salisbury, and Arthur I. Gates. Illustrated by Fred Ludekens, pubished by The Macmillan Company. This "Core-Vocabulary Reader" has been in Kay's private collection since May 15, 1952.

Witter's GermanEnglish Primer and New First German Reader for Public Schools, copyright 1906. Prepared by the teachers of the St. Louis Public Schools, published by C. Witter. This is the Revised New First German Reader which sold new for 35 cents.

Deutsches Zweites Lesebuch Fur Amerikanische Schulen, Eclectic Series Second Reader, copyright 1886 by Van Antwerp, Bragg & Co. A German Reader published by American Book Co. by W. H. Weick and C. Grebner.

Moderne Bibliothek, copyright 1901 by Roman von Rita. Two very old soft cover books, "Ein rubeloses Gewissen" and "Um das Erbe." Both books are written in German.

An Outline Guide to Civil Government, copyright 1910 by Thomas E. Sanders. Published by F. A. Owens Publishing Co., Dansville, N.Y.

Practical Outlines in Physiology, copyright 1906 by John E. McKean, A.M. Published by F. A. Owens Publishing Co., Dansville, N.Y.

Prayers and Graces for Small Children, copyright 1941, Collected by Quail Hawkins, Illustrated by Marguerite de Angeli. Published by Grosset & Dunlap, New York. Reprinted from "Miscellaneous Writings" Copyright, 1896, by Mary Baker Eddy, Renewed, 1924, Used by permission.

The First Book of Trains, by Russel Hamilton, Pictures by Jeanne Bendick. Copyright 1956 by Franklin Watts, Inc. Published by Franklin Watts, Inc. New York.

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