Doll House, 10 Building Blocks by WJ Fantasy, Inc., Illustrated by Marnie Webster, 2002. ISBN 1-56021-404-X
Doll House in a box is a very unique toy. These Doll House Stacking Blocks can be arranged in so many different ways making the doll house look different every day. Ten graduated blocks create a grand Victorian house with cozy room scenes illustrated by Marnie Webster on the interiors. Largest is 5 1/4" sq.; tiny attic is 1 1/2" sq. Laminated cardboard blocks nest in the carry case included. Sold new for between $20.00 and $25.00 in specialty gift shops.

Puzzle blocks.

A set of wooden blocks from the 1930s. This small set of blocks was "Made in Japan". The entire box of blocks measures 5" x 6.5" x .5" and includes enough blocks to build the building fronts shown on the box. The set includes two windows that have cellophane for glass. There are 28 blocks in this complete vintage set that is approximately 68 years old.

ABC Blocks in wooden crate. These blocks look like Uncle Goose blocks but there are no markings on the blocks or the crate that identifies the brand. They do have the embossed pattern on the 1.75 inch blocks and the animal pictures as described by Uncle Goose. It is a very pretty set of ABC building blocks.

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